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    • By rafael rodriguez
      Hello everyone! First if you are taking the time to read this "Thank You!" I'm new to programming (Java and C), and I would like to learn/practice more by making a Text-Based RPG. I have an idea in mind and I kinda started to code it in Java but I'm not sure how to put my bits of code together and would like some help. I'm not asking to make the game for me, but to guide me in the right direction... maybe some books, tutorials or even some one on one if you don't mind.
      The game I have in mind is going to contain:
      A player, world, leveling system, melee combat system(with some skills), monsters, inventory system, intractable objects(like a tree that you can cut down), item storage system, NPC's that interact maybe a store or something, and a saving and loading system.
      After that maybe I would like to add some more Non-Combat skills, a mage and range combat system along with some more skills, and make the world a bit larger with some interesting stuff in it...
      Anyways that's a lot so thank you for taking your time to read this, let me know if I can explain anything better or if I didn't explain something enough!
    • By DKdowneR
      Hi! I made a tile map reading from a file. Almost everything works good, but when a player go out of map, program runs into an error and says that "vector subscript out of range". My question is how to make check for it
      Drawing map : 
      void GameplayScreen::DrawMap(SDL_Renderer *renderer) { for (int y = map.size() - 1; y >= 0; --y) { for (int x = getStartBlockX(), xEnd = getEndBlockX(); x < xEnd && x < map[y].size(); ++x) { if (map[y][x] != "0,0") { int tempX = atoi(map[y][x].substr(0, map[y][x].find(',')).c_str()); int tempY = atoi(map[y][x].substr(map[y][x].find(',') + 1).c_str()); srcRect.x = tempX * 32; srcRect.y = tempY * 32; srcRect.w = 32; srcRect.h = 32; destRect.x = x * 32 + posX; destRect.y = (y * 32 + posY); destRect.w = 32; destRect.h = 32; vBlock[Earth]->Draw(renderer, srcRect, destRect); } } } } getStartBlockX returns first map block, getEndBlockX returns last, so it's like render on screen only a piece of map, not all blocks.
      tempX returns x coordinate of tile image,  tempY y coordinate. So, for example, if map is like :

      0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0
      0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0
      1,0 2,0 0,3 1,0 1,0
      0,0 is first block image, 1,0 is one next to the first, 0,3 is 2 under the first block etc.
    • By Alpha_ProgDes
      So I've been reading about and watching videos about Smalltalk. It seems like an interesting language and damn near the Father (or Godfather) of all things OOP. But it got me thinking, what languages should a programmer know or even be proficient in to be a dependable programmer (couldn't think of a better word than "dependable")? After giving it some thought, I came up with this list.
      At least 1 programming language from:
      Lisp family of languages ML family of languages Smalltalk family of languages And also the C programming language (not the family, just the language).
      I think this covers all facets of programming and ways of tackling problems. I don't think there's any other language, thinking most of the modern languages, that has done anything that 4 listed above haven't already done. I'm not counting languages like Julia, R, Perl, or Erlang, because they are languages, AFAIK, that seem to solve a very specific problem. They can be general purpose, but again, AFAIK, they're not meant to be.
      Of course, agreements, disagreements, thorough takedowns, and/or overall discussion are welcomed.
    • By Raptor42
      I'm looking to form a new game development team, mostly for training purposes.
      About me:
      I'm a student - Unity C# developer, who worked part-time in this industry for a couple of years already. I've been a lead developer in many "random collab groups" as well as a few companies. I specialize in creating 2D games for Android, but I'm looking forward to trying out new things - especially 3D development.
      Currently, I've got one Android game close to a release so I'd work for this team in my spare time. 
      About the project:
      I've been thinking about creating a simple tycoon-like simulation game for Android (and PC eventually), inspired by the Game Dev Story (initially released by Kairosoft in 1997) 
      I haven't done much planning though, therefore I'm looking forward to hearing out your ideas.
      Right now, I've only created a test 3D scene using placeholder models and implemented a simple pathfinding system for me to play around with:
      I'm looking to work with people who are:
      - willing to take a position of a: 3D modeller/2D artist/Designer
      - not necessarily very experienced, but eager to learn and improve their skills
      - active - check in at least once a day
      If you'd like to apply for a different position which I didn't list here, you are welcome to contact me as well.
      While this project is created mostly for learning purposes, if we ever get to release it and generate any revenue - you will recieve a certain percentage of it.
      To Apply:
      Send an email to
      Introduce yourself and attach an example of your work (if you have any)
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