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Help in spelling required!

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Hello, everyone!
We're making an indie global strategy game in fantasy setting. My native language is russian, so I don't know exactly how to spell correctly some of the location's names in a game. Could someone tell me please if the spelling is correct in the following names:


Scorched Lands

Hungry Garden

Land of Exile

Junk Yard

Dead Swamp

Dark Thicket

Mountains of Cold

Bat's Lair

Freezing Passage

Frozen Sea

Iced Town

The Great Desert

Trader’s Sands

Mud Land

River Port

Cyclop's Shore

Reptile's Bucht

Centaurus Beach

Green Forest

Druid's Place

Mushroom Grove

Warm Sea

Stone City

Tower of Knowledge

Hobbit’s Village

Gold Mines


Eagle’s Nest

Dragon’s Mountain

Oak Wood

Ice Kingdom

Flying Temple

Tundra of Giants


Are all the names spelled correctly?

Would be grateful for your help!

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