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    • By DecoDy Studio
      Hello all
      I am currently, and after long time thinking and planning, looking for enthusiast people to be part of a team to develop games, my idea is to build a game studio although I am in a very early stage. As a lot of work is needed to be done I need people to participate and be part of this long term project, I can't do everything and I don't have the knowledge to complete all the work needed for games.
      My first idea is to develop Mobile Games and in particular VR / AR games, I've built a prototype in ARKit with Unity and I have also a couple of games ideas which could be the first games to be released. To do that, I am looking in the short term for developers and creative people (designers, concept artists, etc.) and in the long term musicians, marketing, business development, etc. It is not required a previous experience as I am planning to release first small games while the team is learning and getting the experience to do make bigger games every time we do a new one.
      If this sounds interesting to you and you want to know more, send me a private message and I will be more than happy to talk.
    • By Cahit Karahan
      Hi, I'm new in this forum. It is honorable to see such communities exist. I would like to share my new game. I did for android with unity. I know the game is a little awkward , but you have to know that this game is from the time when Unity's name is Unity3D  I have made my first game when I was 12. Now I am 22.  I have taken a lot of experience in this process and I can make better games nowadays. I have published this game nowadays but actually this game is very old but also it is very special for me :))
      I have just wanted to retouch and share this game, because it has a very important place for me.

      It's a special free 3D horror adventure action game for the halloween. Fun with scary sound effects and musics, 3D realistic graphics, you will feel the horror in the deep of your heart. Use your reflex. Totally free adventure. Totally scary horror game. 

      Tamarra, she is a beast from our world. She needs to consume souls from innocent people to stay alive. Story begins, the old Elaris tribe had lost their everything because of this beast who lived in the well. Araknas was the most powerful warrior of the tribe. One day, Araknas's mother was killed by the servant beasts of Tamarra. That's how Araknas's journey to the well begins. Tamara's well is guarded by horrible beasts. Araknas has to pass all servant beasts until he reaches Tamarra.

      Even death at the end is worth the revenge. 
      Are you brave enough to jump into Tamarra's well?

      Survive from witch attacks, clown attacks and many scary creature.

      - Realistic 3D graphics.
      - Scary sounds.
      - Scary musics.
      - Best experience with headphones.
      - A demon cage where you can imprison all the demons one by one
      - The witches do not like help, but they love blood stone. Witch store where you can develop your abilities and get new abilities.
      - Countless beasts.
      - At the end of the well there is a hidden surprise for you.

      *We do not recommend this game to people with clown phobia, spider phobia, or panic attacks.*

      **!!!**Note : This game is an early-access game, we are upgrading new features every day, new beasts, new improvements, as an example online 1vs1 fall on the list, so stay on connect and follow Halloween : Horror Well on Google Play.**!!!**

    • By Kristiyan21
      Hello guys,i am writing this topic to get to the opinion of more people.I have just released my first game for android(worked on it for about 5-6 months in my spare time) i used Unity framework and i am planning to make it a big project but i had to release 1.0 version so i am 100% sure i wouldn't quit the project at some time.What i am asking any of you guys is to give me your opinion about the game. What do you like,what you don't , is the ad too irritating?is the GUI okay?any information you might consider usefull for me would be helpful,thanks in advance!
      the game on google play:
    • By Tuner_z
      Name: One Level: Stickman Jailbreak
      Price: Free
      Developer: RTU Studio
      Platform: Android
      Language: C# (Unity3D)
      Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RTU.OneLevel
      I want to show you my game! "One level: Stickman Jailbreak" is a puzzle game with unusual gameplay where you must help the character to escape from prison. You just need to take the key and get out alive. The game has only one level, and there are many ways to complete it. Not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance, so there are clues in the game.
      Short description:
      Nobody escapes from here!
      Tommy got into trouble again! Our hero is behind bars. But he's not going to stay in jail for a long time and he decides to escape. Tommy steals a key and gets out of the jail cell. But our friend doesn't go free: Tommy suddenly finds himself in the same room from which he just escaped! The conditions for escaping change every time. In order to go free Tommy will have to solve logical puzzles and you can help him in this!
      At first it will be easy, but the tension will increase, and the tasks will become more complicated with each level. You should use your brain for all 100%, but if your skill is not enough, you can use a hint or ask for help from friends!
      You can solve the puzzles alone or with your friends and spend time well!
      - 48 unique levels;
      - the game is translated into 10 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean;
      - the function of "help from friend";
      - hints;
      - instructions.

    • By Ty Typhoon
      Before read everything i am honest:
      Payment after release you get your percentage lifetime for that project.
      i dont need your inspirations, ideas, music or designs.
      My head is full with that.
      I need workers who i can trust.
      Please let us talk in discord.
      I got a lot of stuff planned, there is much work to do.
      But first my team and me try to start with a small mini game and we need maybe exactly you.
      Planned for more than pc, like ps4, xbox one and mobile - so its very important to us to hopefully welcome a programmer.
      The mini game will be part of the planned big game. There will be never before seen guns and gameplay, you will get deeper info if youre a safe part of the team.
      I need:
      Zbrush pros
      Join here please:
      You find me here:
      Joerg Federmann Composing#2898
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gameplay data in a cloud for mmo?

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Hi guys,

I was wondering is it a good idea, to keep gameplay data in a cloud. In MMO games you have a lot of different for example weapons.
And balancing the game is crucial. Which means for example balancing unit properties, weapon properties like speed, health, damage etc.

What is the best way to keep those properties? static in an app or in a cloud?

In cloud you can change things in realtime. So if something is overpowered you can nerf it down without doing any app updates etc.  

How you would guys do it?

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The cloud is just someone else's computer. So when you say "keep gameplay data in the cloud" what you're really referring to is what we mean when we say "store data on the server". Almost all MMO data is stored on the server - the player's computer usually just holds data needed for display and audio purposes, such as graphics, animations, sound effects, music, etc. The main gameplay data such as weapon and skill info has to exist on the server anyway, because the server has to run the game rules and decide who wins and loses (etc). And often it's not desirable to send it to each player because then a cunning player can examine their game data files to discover weapons and skills that they haven't yet uncovered in the game.

However, it is often still necessary to send patches to clients when server side data changes, for several reasons:

  • maybe the code needed to change to accommodate new data
  • maybe the client-side data references server-side data in some way and those references need updating
  • maybe the data needs caching on the client for performance reasons

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"Gameplay data" is kind of a broad concept, but if we're talking about unit/item properties that might change in the future, I would go for storing them in the game server. And I'll assume that when you talk about "the cloud" you are talking about some sort of game server and you know roughly the purpose and effort that goes into implementing these things.

We're talking about a multiplayer game here, so you'll need to have the data available in the game servers for any calculation that affects multiple players anyway, unless you want to trust the client to do that calculation (hint: don't).

You could, of course, have that data hardcoded in the game client also and use it in the local simulation, but, as you mentioned, it's nice to be able to change that data dynamically, so I don't really see any benefits in hardcoding that data in the client besides it being easier to implement.

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Hi guys,

Thank you for so fast answer. Yes by cloud I mean a server where we store data in db.
I want to store those properties on server, and in the game they are downloaded and stored in the memory. 

Basically everything would be taken from server and stored in memory, just assets of the game like graphics etc. will be stored normally in the app.

Sound ok? :)

Also I was thinking about be able to add new content for the game lets say a new weapon via in game downloads.

I want to do unnecessary game updates as user likes everything automatically. So maybe there is a way that I can just store assets and properties of new weapon in db and it gonna be downloaded to the game.

Is this a good way to do it? Of course not everything you will be able to do like that, just some parts.

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Usually with an online game, you don't need to "download" the game data, because the actual game which uses that data is running on the server. Each player just has a client application which provides a view of the running game. It's just like this website - all the data for the threads and the users is stored on the gamedev.net server, and you just use your browser to see pages that the site sends you.

How to update a game that is running is a complex process and there's no simple right or wrong answer there. If you structure the data and code well, then you might not need any patches at all, again just like you don't need to update your browser if a website changes its articles or layout. It's certainly possible to send data to a client when it's needed instead of up-front in a big patch; but if the data is large, you can't send it only at the moment the player needs it, because it would take too long and hold up the game during play. So these are considerations you would need to weigh up.

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