legal needs for a PC game? If it's counter strike ?

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Kylotan    10003

Luke, you're going to have to word that question more clearly - and ideally, start a new topic for it, unless it's directly related to the original post here.

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LukeMiller    0

Hello Mr. Tom Sloper, I am very glad to receive your answer that link is really useful and it makes me aware not clearly but basically. Legal needs of PC games and what is more important to develop it. Once again thanks and I will remember it.

  • Public domain 
  • Fair use 
  • The Berne Convention 
  • Copyright 
  • Trademark 
  • Patent 
  • Moral rights 
  • Public figure 
  • Right of publicity (personality rights, publicity rights) 
  • Satire (a satirical work) 
  • License 
  • Intellectual Property (IP) 
  • Fan fiction 
  • Product placement

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monalaw    1367

Are you developing a mod for counter-strike? Or a counter-strike like FPS game for Steam? Or are you trying to reskin it? I'm not sure what you're asking, but referencing a pre-existing IP is making my butt twitch a bit. 

Generally speaking, you need a license first and foremost to do ANYTHING with a pre-existing IP. If it's just an FPS with shared features (like every other FPS on the market) that's a different matter and I recommend contacting a game attorney (*wave*) if you have more specific questions. 


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