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[Rev-share]Assistant Art Team Director

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The team is in need of an assistant Art Team Director that will assist the Project Lead and Art Director in the development of the game. The position does require you to have knowledge of the Unity Game Engine, 3D asset creation software, and a desire for project management.

The INT team is a large, international team, focused on the development of a core demo which will showcase RPG elements and core features for fundraising and investors. We are a friendly and passionate bunch and hope you will apply soon to be part of our team. Please review the job requirements and responsibilities below.


Starboard Games LLC is looking for a highly professional, qualified, indie team developer to join our ambitious INT project.


As the INT Assistant Art Team Director you will report directly to the Project Lead and Art Lead. In the occurrence of an emergency you would become the acting Art Lead. The position does require a knowledge of the Unity game engine. This is because we would like our Assistant Art Team Director to have a knowledge of the game engine, and the ability to create scenes to showcase assets.

Furthermore, you would need to be able to create assets for the core demo in a 3D modeling suite. Many of our artists use blender, but if you have a commercial license for another program then that would be acceptable as well. You will also need to possess team management abilities. This means you will be reviewing 3D artist work, 3D artist samples and test submissions, 2D concepts, and possess an understanding of the ‘big picture’ for INT which will be shared with you by our store, lore, and Project Directors.


1. Report to Art and Project Lead.
2. Act as Acting Art Lead in the event of an emergency.
3. Ability to think creatively.
4. Ability to communicate effectively and work with other team leads.
5. Desire to see the project through to completion.


1. Knowledge of the Unity Game Engine.
2. Experience using Unity.
3. Experience using 3D asset creation suites.
4. Experience managing a team or being part of a team environment.
5. Must be able to take feedback constructively.
6. Must be able to interpret and decipher maps and notes.
7. Must be able to work from 2D art.
8. Commitment to the Project and the ability to spend large chunks of time working towards the completion of the project.


We offer revenue-sharing generated from crowd-funding to team members who maintain consistent communication on company projects and meet Starboard Games deadlines. Currently we are unable to offer wages or per-item payments. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time! We look forward to hearing from you!


Please send your CV/Resume, as well as (the link to) your portfolio to: JohnHR@int-game.net.

Kindest regards,

John Shen
HR Lead
Starboard Games LLC

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