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Visual Novel Engine

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Geri    367

This is a Visual Novel Engine.


It supports Android, Linux, and Windows. This engine allows you to create Visual Novels without programming knowledge.



Its capable of north/east/south/west orientation, and have a simple bult-in battle system with 
attack, HP, and escape (teleport) system. The engine is capable of item handling and room teleporting.

To make a game, you have to do a directory for every room (map), then copy the background in, and 
create a text file to describe the room with text. You need an apk editor to change the files in the
Android package. By default, it contains a minigame to show you the things. 

-It supports the most common image and sound formats (jpg, png, wav, ogg). 

-room (map) based movement

-jpg and png backgrounds

-hero avatar

-It supports battle system with escape system (also good for creating custom dialogs) including HP management

-enemy avatar

-ogg and was music play as background music per rooms and battles


-item usage, and item existence based teleportation

-gameover/happy game-end

-linux, and windows executables

-android apk (you must edit the files into it),

-its free.





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