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Engines, Arts, and other Tools in the Steam Summer Sale

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The Steam Summer Sale kicked off this week, and while we might using the 50% discounts in our wishlists it's worth noting some of the deep software discounts of interest to game developers. If you've been thinking about purchasing some tools for game development this might be a good time to stock up.

Here's our picks with prices and discounts listed (all prices in USD).

Engines and "Game Builders"

Visual Arts



GameDev.net is not affiliated with Steam/Valve and does not receive payment for items purchased through the links above.

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So many of these have free counterparts that out perform these, strange how things have changed.

If you plan on doing any high quality 3D art you can't go wrong with substance. Even developers doing simple 3D models or 2D art can get a lot from substance painter. I really recommend it.


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    • By wayneprim
      I want to build a real-time multiplayer game using nodejs as a backend and preferrably socket.io. I have had a very tough time researching anything reliable online on what the best ways to perform this are as well as the pros and cons of it.
      Could someone point me in the right direction? I am open to as many other options as well. The thing I like about the idea of using nodejs is that it is something I am familiar with and I find it can be very fast and light weight. But does it integrate well with unity and mobile? Where should I go as a resource to learn more about servers and multiplayer game development in general?
      Its also important to note that I have tried out Photon as well as UNET and I do enjoy them but I am looking for other options...
      Anyway, thanks in advance. Looking forward to seeing your responses.

    • By Alexander Kirchner
      Hello everybody, 
      I hope you all got a good start into the new year! I am starting this thread because I would like to get in touch with some of you who are currently working in the game industry as designers or developers. 
      A little background: I am currently finishing up my PhD in Psychology, but discovered lately that the path of going on into science might not be for me. Game have always fascinated me, both from a technical as well as theoretical (psychological?) standpoint, so naturally our career advisor suggested getting more information. I am not very adept at general programming (except for a lot of R, and a bit of Unity), but confident I could teach myself what I need to know. What is more important to me however is getting a clearer idea about what the daily tasks can look like, and whether I would fit the work environment.
      I generally discovered about myself that I like to solve "concrete" puzzles (e.g. at the moment this could mean writing out and testing the syntax for a statistical problem) or finding new approaches to some existing questions (e.g. in academia this could coming up with the idea to be using a novel method to examine a question from a different angle). I noticed that I am not very happy when working under VERY uncertain circumstances (e.g. having no idea where the task is going, what the status of completion is, or what is expected from me to do a good job, as in endless revisions of an article) or very tedious detail work (e.g. the final, final stages of writing up an paper, checking for typos etc.). I see myself as this kind of this 'mid-level' guys of solving a task, that brings in new ideas and solves problems in a well-described environment, but doesnt necessarily finalize everything. 
      Now my question would be to the people working in the industry (I realize that some of these can vary greatly with different jobs):
      In your daily work life, do you feel like you are being stimulated with new task frequently, or do you mainly work on similar tasks? Do you feel like you have the possibility to innovate and bring in new ideas in your job / task?  Do you feel that, for the most part, your position has clearly described activities, or are you mainly taking on various roles that are currently needed? Do you get a lot of feedback on performance or progress? Or is your work mainly done 'when its done'? I would be very thankful to anybody willing to share some of their experiences. I tried looking for other topis on this, and found some good overviews, but these focused more on the technical aspects (what language to learn first, where to look for jobs). This didnt feel very applicable to my personal situation, so I thought I'd give it a shot myself. 
      Thank you all for reading through this novel, happy 2018!
    • By Jack Ripper7393
      I'm looking for a team of people who can provide services such as Music, Programming, Story Writing, Art, Character Design, etc.
      It is a 2D, Sprite and drawing style RPG. It will have seperate areas instead of an open world, and a combat system with unique boss battles. 
      The story is about how a friendless kid named Toby was bullied by his older brother and his brother's friends. Toby has two imaginary friends who "help him" battle his bullies, including his brother. All of the events lead up to Toby being hospitalised and all but one ending involve Toby's death.  Toby has a love interest that ignores Toby throughout most of the game unless you meet certain requirements which will unlock one of the "good" endings that involves her falling in love with you. 
      Message me with questions if you are interested. I will provide further details upon request.
    • By Phodex Games
      Hi GameDevs,
      I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Markus and I am 22 years old. I am intensivly doing game development for more than 2 years now, before I also had a lot of fun doing modding or create other game related content. Recently I studied electrical engineering for 2 semesters, which gave me a good foundation for coding and improved my sense for logical thinking, altough I had quiet some experience in coding before. Then I decided to drop out of electrical engineering and shifted over to digital media, a more design related degree, also containing technical topics, like programming and web development. This perfectly suits my game development intentions and I am pretty happy with it .
      As I gathered quiet some knowledge on my way, I would be happy to share it with you and also hope to find some new connections here.
      If you want to see some of my work check out this to links:
      My first game ever: 
      My latest project: 
      Blog: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/blogs/blog/251-phodex-framework-dev-blog/
      First Footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZg0oqDBG8Y#
      Thank you for reading, and as it is christmas today, merry christmas, if you are celebrating it and have a nice day .
      Markus from Phodex
    • By Big Impact Sound Composer for Media
      Big Impact Sound | Composer for Media
      provides royalty free music and sound design for media, games, television, film, trailers, commercials, documentaries, YouTube creators, exhibits, websites, slide shows, corporate projects, podcasts, wedding albums, presentations, audiobooks, radio, apps and so much more.
      Royalty free music
      Big Impact Sound allows you to distribute the royalty free music worldwide  and without any additional fees.
      Our music licensing system is transparent and easy:  once the music license is paid there are no copyright issues.
      Wide range of musical styles
      Our award winning team has more than two decades of experience in the creation and production of contemporary and classical music.
      Composition on demand
      Custom-made composition and sound design that will maximize the impact of your game, movie, commercial, trailer, documentary or presentation.
      Music productions ranging from single tracks to full orchestral scores
      We can provide single tracks or full scores and our team helps you with your project
      from start to finish according to your specific wishes.
      Stock Music (Library Music)
      Fast and easy music and sound design browsing in our huge music library. All our tracks are immediately available for any of your projects.
      Fast turnaround time
      We are used to work with tight deadlines and will help you meet them. We are passionate about our work and always aim for perfection.
      Contact us (by PM or by the website) to discuss how we can enhance your project with a distinctive sound identity.
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