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Arcmage is a libre card game

We’re a small community of free culture-loving individuals, creating a free card game. A game that’s truly open, liberated, free & gratis. A game that is fun to play both casually and competitive, and that is a joy for your eyes. We are challenging the industry by showing what united card game players and developers can create, and by sharing with the world. Welcome to the revolution.

We're looking for people that can help us grow the existing game and are in need of


  • try out our game online or with friends using printed cards
  • give positive and constructing feedback to improve the gameplay
  • find loopholes in the general rules or the card rules

Card Inventors

  • create card rules, think about strategics, mechanics, synergies
  • create fun to play pre-constructed decks,
  • safeguard the card's strengths and balance throughout the entire game

Editors & Writers

  • native english speakers that can improve the cards and the professionalism
  • constructing the lore, the background story, and so much more


  • all our artwork done by Santiago Iborra is of very high quality and it is a challenge to match his level and style
  • all our artwork is published using GPLv2 or above
  • we're looking for people who enjoy creating fantasy artwork and that are willing to contribute

Communications & PR

  • help spread the word, and increase our online visbility
  • organize and manage communication (internally towards our community  and externally to others)
  • manage/create our social media presence (non existing for now)

Where is arcmage today?

When looking for a project to join, it makes sense to look at the current status and see that it will deliver something, so your effort/time/creativity will not go to waste.

We've already came a long way, arcmage has

  • a finished rule set and we have online video tutorials
  • a set of finished cards that go into two ready to play pre-constructed decks
  • a number of playable, work in progress decks & cards
  • a well defined general design document (in collaboration with See our wiki
  • an extensive quality grade art collection (in collaboration with
  • an online card database and card generation tool
  • professional downloadable print-ready pdf's
  • an online browser version of the game

In fact arcmage is playable today, but we need your help to get it to the next level (more cards, more decks, more noise in the social media)

What is in it for you?

All contributors to arcmage are unpaid volunteers, people who love to play collectable card games, but don't like the commerce of it all.
All your work will be enjoyable by anyone, free of charge, free to adapt, free to co-create, free to play.

Kind regards,
Nico Goeminne


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I've always enjoyed games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hearthstone, and this really reaches out to me. I've been playing TCG's for years, and I'd be glad to be a Card Inventor for you guys, creating strategies and new decks.

Discord : Blastmastercrash#6265

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Hello ProMiriel,

You're most welcome to join our project, although, since we are making a card game (real world and online) we are not in need of a sound designer/musician, but I'm sure there are plenty of other ways you could contribute (e.g. playtest, card design, editor, communications/pr, ....)

Kind regards,


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