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    • By Fadey Duh
      Good evening everyone!

      I was wondering if there is something equivalent of  GL_NV_blend_equation_advanced for AMD?
      Basically I'm trying to find more compatible version of it.

      Thank you!
    • By Michael Santer
      We're currently two programmers and a game designer working on a turn-based tactics fantasy board game. For reference you can search for images of "Tactics Arena Online", a fairly dated game that used to have a lot of depth and complexity.
      Our goal is to use the same combat concepts, but giving it a much needed modern touch as well as a whole new set of heroes to choose from with additional abilities. The game is a mix of isometric and 3D and we plan to release the game on Steam and hopefully Android & iOS as well.
      We are looking for someone to work with us pro-bono (just like we're doing) as a 3D character artist. The skills needed are creativity, a hard working attitude and an ability to make minor animations (things like idle, walk, block and very rudimentary attack animations). A perk to have would be the ability to make some VFX. If the game makes it on steam and money starts coming in, you'd obviously be compensated for your hard work, but as it stands this is a hobby project to garnish your portfolio.
      A bit more about the game:
      This game will be an online multiplayer game where each user gets to pick up to 10 characters to place on his half of the board (this would be done before even entering matchmaking. Think runes in League of Legends for example). The user can place his 10 units of choice anywhere he likes on his half board. Some units can be used more than once. So if you want 4 knights and 2 mages or even if you want 10 clerics, you can do as you please. You can then save your setups for future use. The goal of the game is to wipe out the enemy team.
      Each character or Hero (except premium and abyss characters) start with 1 ability and they can ascend (either by playing a certain amount of matches with the character or by forcing the ascension with real money) to gain a new ability or passive. Acquiring a new character can be done by using in-game currency that you earn from playing matches or using real money with the exception of Abyss characters which can only be acquired by winning certain rare matches. The goal is to offer a freemium game with lots of customizable elements while making sure that no user can "buy power" with real money. We want everything that a paying user can get to be available to non-paying users who play the game a lot.
      Ultimately we want this to become a competitive game that people can enjoy and really get invested in. Each character is designed with options for counterplay in mind and synergy with other heroes.
      We sincerely believe in what this game can become and we home to find someone just as passionate as we are to get involved in this project!
    • By Jens Eckervogt
      Hello guys, 
      Please tell me! 
      How do I know? Why does wavefront not show for me?
      I already checked I have non errors yet.
      using OpenTK; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Text; namespace Tutorial_08.net.sourceskyboxer { public class WaveFrontLoader { private static List<Vector3> inPositions; private static List<Vector2> inTexcoords; private static List<Vector3> inNormals; private static List<float> positions; private static List<float> texcoords; private static List<int> indices; public static RawModel LoadObjModel(string filename, Loader loader) { inPositions = new List<Vector3>(); inTexcoords = new List<Vector2>(); inNormals = new List<Vector3>(); positions = new List<float>(); texcoords = new List<float>(); indices = new List<int>(); int nextIdx = 0; using (var reader = new StreamReader(File.Open("Contents/" + filename + ".obj", FileMode.Open), Encoding.UTF8)) { string line = reader.ReadLine(); int i = reader.Read(); while (true) { string[] currentLine = line.Split(); if (currentLine[0] == "v") { Vector3 pos = new Vector3(float.Parse(currentLine[1]), float.Parse(currentLine[2]), float.Parse(currentLine[3])); inPositions.Add(pos); if (currentLine[1] == "t") { Vector2 tex = new Vector2(float.Parse(currentLine[1]), float.Parse(currentLine[2])); inTexcoords.Add(tex); } if (currentLine[1] == "n") { Vector3 nom = new Vector3(float.Parse(currentLine[1]), float.Parse(currentLine[2]), float.Parse(currentLine[3])); inNormals.Add(nom); } } if (currentLine[0] == "f") { Vector3 pos = inPositions[0]; positions.Add(pos.X); positions.Add(pos.Y); positions.Add(pos.Z); Vector2 tc = inTexcoords[0]; texcoords.Add(tc.X); texcoords.Add(tc.Y); indices.Add(nextIdx); ++nextIdx; } reader.Close(); return loader.loadToVAO(positions.ToArray(), texcoords.ToArray(), indices.ToArray()); } } } } } And It have tried other method but it can't show for me.  I am mad now. Because any OpenTK developers won't help me.
      Please help me how do I fix.

      And my download (mega.nz) should it is original but I tried no success...
      - Add blend source and png file here I have tried tried,.....  
      PS: Why is our community not active? I wait very longer. Stop to lie me!
      Thanks !
    • By Swatchoos

      Hi Guys,
      We would like to present our new panel: Swatchoos, the most advanced swatch panel for Adobe Photoshop CC with lots of features and improvements like:
      - Group Creation and Management
      - Swatch and Group Reordering
      - Change brightness and darkness of any color
      - Sort Swatches by Luminosity or HUE
      - Fill any Shape/Text/Bitmap layer
      - Generate Swatches from bitmaps and .psd layers
      - Customisable the look of your color
      - Import .aco or bitmaps
      - Share your swatch palettes with others
      - Auto color naming
      and much much more.
      You can try it for free so go to www.swatchoos.com and test it out!
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OpenGL How to split ( or optimize ) these shaders into multiple shaders?

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I'm working on new asset importer (https://github.com/recp/assetkit) based on COLLADA specs, the question is not about COLLADA directly
also I'm working on a new renderer to render (https://github.com/recp/libgk) imported document.
In the future I'll spend more time on this renderer of course, currently rendering imported (implemented parts) is enough for me

assetkit imports COLLADA document (it will support glTF too),
importing scene, geometries, effects/materials, 2d textures and rendering them seems working

My actual confusion is about shaders. COLLADA has COMMON profile and GLSL... profiles,
GLSL profile provides shaders for effects so I don't need to wory about them just compile, link, group them before render

The problem occours in COMMON profile because I need to write shaders,
Actually I wrote them for basic matrials and another version for 2d texture

I would like to create multiple program but I am not sure how to split this this shader into smaller ones,

Basic material version (only colors):

Texture version:

I used subroutines to bind materials, actually I liked it,
In scene graph every node can have different program, and it switches between them if parentNode->program != node->program
(I'll do scene graph optimizations e.g.  view frustum culling, grouping shaders... later)

I'm going to implement transparency but I'm considering to create separate shaders,
because default shader is going to be branching hell

I can't generate shader for every node because I don't know how many node can be exist, there is no limit.
I don't know how to write a good uber-shader for different cases:

Here material struct:

struct Material {
  ColorOrTexture  emission;
  ColorOrTexture  ambient;
  ColorOrTexture  specular;
  ColorOrTexture  reflective;
  ColorOrTexture  transparent;
  ColorOrTexture  diffuse;
  float           shininess;
  float           reflectivEyety;
  float           transparency;
  float           indexOfRefraction;

ColorOrTexture could be color or 2d texture, if there would be single colorOrTex then I could split into two programs,
Also I'm going to implement transparency, I am not sure how many program that I needed

I'm considering to maintain a few default shaders for COMMON profile,
1-no-texture, 2-one of colorOrTexture contains texture, 3-........

Any advices in general or about how to optimize/split (if I need) these shaders which I provied as link?
What do you think the shaders I wrote, I would like to write them without branching if posible,
I hope I don't need to write 50+ or 100+ shaders, and 100+ default programs

PS: These default shaders should render any document, they are not specific, they are general purpose...
       I'm compiling and linking default shaders when app launched


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To split the bigger shader into smaller pieces I'm trying to create small shaders for specific purposes e.g. phong, phong with texture, blinn, lambert...
but I'm not sure how to separate lights from the phong shader because I don't want to add lights[MAX_LIGHTS] to every small shader and also phong requires light vector for phong equation :/ It would be more easy to render all lights together with separate pass (before or after material pass). This would save me to add light array to every shader

I would like to do something like this:

for each object
  prepare object to render (transform, culling...)

for each object
   render with object's material e.g. apply phong, texture
   render with all lights

any better idea or suggestions? 

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Instead of sperating all lights, using one light per render pass will solve render logic,
because light is required in some effects e.g. phong, blinn... I'm going to implement this:

for each object
  prepare object to render (transform, culling...)

for each object
  for each light
     render object

light count will affect performance, but this will make things more clear and easy to maintain I think,

I still would like to hear another ways to handle lights (unknown count)

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