Anyone Want to work together on developing a game?

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I have experience with unity and C# script, I have also purchased the Google Developing Console to upload games to the play store. The problem I have faced is how much work and how tedious it is to complete a game on your own.  So if anyone wants to partner up on a simple 2D mobile game email me at

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    • By Spronx
      Hi guys,
      I'm Andy from StriX Interactive and we are
      to join us on this incredible adventure of developing Blood Oath. Open world fantasy 3rd person RPG in the style of The Witcher.
      We plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign by the end of the year. So it's not a paid job yet.
      We need someone capable of making terrain according to the world map that we have and over all level design. We have a great team and want YOU to be a part of it.
      Contact us on our facebook page

    • By Java Nigga
      Hi there!
      We are JN Studios, we are looking for people to work with us in our project.
      About US:
      JN Studios is a 2 people amateur studio. we have like 1 year making games, but this is our first professional project to show it to the public. We are a programmer guy(Me) and a 3d modeller.
      About the game:
      Strategist Sniper is a RPG/FPS game, yes RPG and fps :v you awake in the middle of the unknown and a small voice tells you that you have to go through the world killing other snipers to get out of there. the mechanics of the game are based on the basic controls of games like League of Legends and in FPS games like Counter Strike.
      What we are looking for?
      actually we are looking for another c# programmer, a musician and an artist(for game illustrations for the marketing of the game).
      Profits Share:
      when the game is in a stable alpha phase we will create a campaign in Idiegogo to obtain money to finance the game. each of the project participants will receive a percentage depending on the work done.
      How to apply?
      just send us a email with a portfolio and in what you can help our team -

    • By louie999
      I am trying to create a simple GUI system, with buttons and text for now, but this little problem has me absolutely stumped. Basically, I'm creating a new instance of the class GUI and giving it a reference of the newly created window (wnd) which then stores it in the variable "w". With that, I loop through all the current buttons and draw it using the window's draw function (w.Draw()) but the variable "w" always ends up being null and giving me that error. Here's part of my code:
      // Program.cs static void Main(string[] args) { RenderWindow wnd = new RenderWindow(new VideoMode(800, 600), "Test"); Font font = new Font("ITCBLKAD.TTF"); GUI gui = new GUI(ref wnd); wnd.Closed += new EventHandler(CloseEvn); while (wnd.IsOpen) { wnd.DispatchEvents(); wnd.Clear(); gui.RenderAll(); wnd.Display(); } // ... // GUIHandler.cs class GUI { protected RenderWindow w; static protected List<Button> buttonContainer = new List<Button>(); public GUI() { } public GUI(ref RenderWindow window) { w = window; } public void RenderAll() { foreach (Button obj in buttonContainer) { obj.Draw(); } } } class Button : GUI { Text textObj; FloatRect rect; RectangleShape shape; Vector2f vec; State state; readonly string type = "button"; private Button(string text, Font _font, float xpos, float ypos, State _state) { vec.X = xpos; vec.Y = ypos; textObj = new Text(text, _font); textObj.Position = vec; state = _state; rect.Left = xpos; rect.Top = ypos; rect.Width = 10; rect.Height = 10; } public static Button NewText(string text, Font _font, float xpos, float ypos, State _state) { Button temp = new Button(text, _font, xpos, ypos, _state); buttonContainer.Add(temp); return temp; } public void Draw() { w.Draw(textObj); } } Is there anything I'm missing? I'll post the whole code if needed.
    • By cursetalegame
      Hello! I am building the main scene in Unity for a 3D cards game. My goal is creating "card slots" to place the different cards from a deck and use it as "buttons". The image below represents somehow what I want to develop. I have been reading and I think that I have to generate a canvas and place in my scene the slots where I want to place the cards, but I am not sure about it. Also, to use the cards, I don't know if setting buttons is the best option (maybe I should use images instead).
      All recommendations and tips are welcome

    • By cursetalegame
      Hi! We are looking for a unity 3D developer to join our small "beginners" team. We are 3 artists (illustration, concept and 3D modeling), 2 designers and 1 programmer (me). We are developing an online video game that we have already designed. Our goal is to create a small studio and build up this game to take it to video game events around Europe and try to find publishers. Also we want to learn step by step how to develop games, so, is better if you don't have a huge experience in developing
      For more information, or any question, you can send us an email to 
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