[Hobby][Rev-share] Writer w/ 15+ yrs. XP looking for project

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Hey guys!

l'm a passionate and published writer looking to get my hands dirty in the game dev world, collab with some cool people, and make awesome games. Story arcs, character development, dialogue creation, text editing... you name it, l'm game.

l'm perfectly happy doing hobby projects, but if people are getting something like rev-share, i will expect compensation as well


  • 15+ years of writing experience. l've written & edited everything from fiction to journalism to content marketing and more. But mostly fiction.

  • Many of my stories have been published. You can check out my style and see if l'd be a good fit here.


  • l've done a small bit of voice-acting and would love the chance to get more into it. l've been told on occasion that i have a "good voice for reading."


  • Drama, horror, mystery, suspense (big Stephen King/SOMA/Prey fan)


  • While l have my favorites, l'll be happy working with any genre.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!


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Hey BVA, i want to work on a farming simulator/village simulator game similar to harvest moon or rune factory series. I would love to have a strong story line and characters for it. It is definitely a hobby project, but i want to make it with a potential to sell on steam (one day). If your interested in this style of game, and would enjoy working on it please message me!

Quick personal bio: I have a degree in game design. I have decent programming skills using Unity, and love this style of genre. I feel like we could come up with a similar game in the genre, but fixing the issue areas that most of these games possess. 




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Hey guys, i appreciate everyone reaching out. l have enough hobby projects right now, so for the time being l'm only accepting paid projects (not rev-share) or projects that are actively being developed. 

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