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Engine Project Companion

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Dear reader,

I'm a long time gamer, designer, developer, board game fan and hobbyist board game author, passionate in games since age of 6 with addiction to video games starting at the first own computer in the 90's. Professional developing in games industry since 2012 using the popular tools and engines as of Unreal Engine and Unity 3D to create games and optimie workflow by making tools. Highly interested in game engine development starting at the time of my bachelor studies to self improving in any topic a game engine needs to fit and above now working on my current engine project since 3 years in my rarely spread spare time seeking for a companion to contribute, helping improving existing source code on the framework base and planning/developing new features inside the framework but also on the wide tools base.


About the Project

Drough initially intended as game engine has now become a modular C++ based framework to setup and build custom game engines but could also be used for developing games in the same turn while from game developers for game developers regardless of professional, indie or hobbyist; plugging in modules improves the system with different sets of capabilities using OS low level APIs. It's partner project is my WorkBench frontend; itself also fully customizeable written in C# using C# Assemblies as plugins, providing a fully desktop integrated game development environment with state of the art but simple planned tools for both, game designers and game programmers with a code driven but node based editing masked interface. An integrated download center should help customizing the tool in the future and maybe access a users account on the website.

Currently the framework provides:

  • AI (FSM, Behavior Tree and some utilities used in machine learning)
  • Asset support for most common file types (Bmp, Jpeg, Obj, Png, Tga), data types (Ini, Json) and packages (an own one + zip)
  • Multithreaded task based and event system
  • Logging and Profiler backend (file based and UDP)
  • OpenGL 4+ Core Profile and Vulkan graphics


Who Contributes

You as contributor should be a reliable consitent person with the same passion about making games and the tools used to make them as I do with a good or semi good knowledge in C++, C# and the will to invest at least a few hours per week of your spare time to help bringing the project onto the next level. "But why should I do that" would you propably ask yourself when reaching this point, so to be honest, I could not offer anything because I also just only spend time, a lot of creativity and experience into the project but I you could get part of a team working on something great getting on the edges of your knowledge and beyond.

It would be also great to take a view on the multiplatform aspect, when you would carry some linux experience into the OS code.


Getting in Touch

When your read all the post until here, congrats! and thank you for sharing your time regardless how you decide for contributing or not. If so, I would like to get in touch, maybe with a small introduction of yourself on this thread or via PM. I would be happy about anyone to write :D

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