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3D fighting game In Unity5

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 Hi, this is a fighting project that im making for a month now.



The game mechanics work like this:

 - There are 3 stances, low, mid and high, each one starts a combo, it also blocks any attack coming from the same stance.

 - Special Attacks are unblockable unless a Special Defense (dashes or parries) is engaged       -(Not yet properly implemented)

 - Special moves have a 5 second cooldown

 - I intend on having 3 characters with distinct weapons and fighting styles based on Historical/Mithical personalities


 Tell me what do you think :)

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For one month's work that demo program looks very nice.

I'm not sure from your video if you have it in there, but a common element in fighting games is that actions have a brief window to respond. The player can see the start of an attack animation and has two or three frames to respond with a defensive move. Combos also require a way to defend or break.

That's a great start.


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 Yes, the animations do have windup, but the blocking system is stance based, it would require the player to pay attention to the initial stance of the oponent (or know his moveset beforehand) and match it with the same stance

 About breaking, that would be a defensive skill of a specific character, one would have a parry, one would have a dash (avoidance), and the other a tanking ability.

 The idea is to have a Rock,Paper,Scissors Offensive/Deffensive system

 In fact this is more of a Fight/hackNslash hybrid these are experimentations on mixing the two genres

 Its very likely that i will be changing engines since this is just a prototype, i intend on using Unreal 4 for richer graphics and effects.

 I will be posting some more updates :)

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