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First Game Published

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Just published my first game on the Google Play App Store!!!



It's block smashing time....with a ball....Ball Smash Block!!!

This isn't your average paddle and bouncing ball block destroyer.

There is no paddle with slow bouncing balls here!!!
Take aim with the launcher and destroy the blocks on the screen before they reach the bottom and end your game.
After each turn, all the blocks advance one row and new blocks arrive from the top.
Completed turns grant a greater number of balls to launch on the next turn.
Get into the hundreds of balls on screen at once destroying the blocks with special effects.

- Casual gameplay with quick mechanics for fast play
- Multiple block types with special abilities
- Upgrade your abilities to devastating effect 
- Earn coins through playing for purchasing upgrades
- Three different play speeds available
- No internet connection required (only for Leaderboards and IAP)
- Google Play Leaderboards

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