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    • By ThunderTwonk
      Hello everyone, I am working on a game idea and since I am still in the process of learning C# and the features available in unity I was hoping some of you might be able to offer me a little insight on things in general for getting started.
      I guess the basic components of what I'm wanting to create would be a Multi-levels management/city builder/rpg.
      The goal is to provide a framework for players to interact with, build in and affect the world both from a 3rd person action RPG as well as a zoomed out 4x style view (This would be something unlocked through gameplay)
      As for my questions go I was wondering if anyone had resources that could help me learn.  I've been on youtube as well as enrolled in an online course for basic unity and C# and will continue those but if anyone has any words of advice, a place that has good information and tutorials etc.
      Thanks for your time.
    • By Cahit Karahan

      Hi, I'm new in this forum. It is honorable to see such communities exist. I would like to share my new game. I did for android with unity. I know the game is a little awkward , but you have to know that this game is from the time when Unity's name is Unity3D  I have made my first game when I was 12. Now I am 22.  I have taken a lot of experience in this process and I can make better games nowadays. I have published this game nowadays but actually this game is very old but also it is very special for me :))
      I have just wanted to retouch and share this game, because it has a very important place for me.

      It's a special free 3D horror adventure action game for the halloween. Fun with scary sound effects and musics, 3D realistic graphics, you will feel the horror in the deep of your heart. Use your reflex. Totally free adventure. Totally scary horror game. 

      Tamarra, she is a beast from our world. She needs to consume souls from innocent people to stay alive. Story begins, the old Elaris tribe had lost their everything because of this beast who lived in the well. Araknas was the most powerful warrior of the tribe. One day, Araknas's mother was killed by the servant beasts of Tamarra. That's how Araknas's journey to the well begins. Tamara's well is guarded by horrible beasts. Araknas has to pass all servant beasts until he reaches Tamarra.

      Even death at the end is worth the revenge. 
      Are you brave enough to jump into Tamarra's well?

      Survive from witch attacks, clown attacks and many scary creature.

      - Realistic 3D graphics.
      - Scary sounds.
      - Scary musics.
      - Best experience with headphones.
      - A demon cage where you can imprison all the demons one by one
      - The witches do not like help, but they love blood stone. Witch store where you can develop your abilities and get new abilities.
      - Countless beasts.
      - At the end of the well there is a hidden surprise for you.

      *We do not recommend this game to people with clown phobia, spider phobia, or panic attacks.*

      **!!!**Note : This game is an early-access game, we are upgrading new features every day, new beasts, new improvements, as an example online 1vs1 fall on the list, so stay on connect and follow Halloween : Horror Well on Google Play.**!!!**

    • By INFRA
      SCAN. DRILL. SURVIVE.   ISOLATED Release in May 1st 2018   https://store.steampowered.com/app/805950/Isolated/   A game by Jérémie Bertrand Music & Sound Design by Pierrick Querolle *** Our solar system has been invaded by strangers. For the purpose of a possible negotiation, a team of astronauts is sent to the moon. Alas, they are shot before even arriving on the scene. Only one astronaut survives the crash and his only goal will be to go home...   GAMEPLAY   Shoot enemy ships to avoid being invaded. Be precise in your movements, because it's better to lose a bit of life at the top than to lose it all at the bottom. Take out your drill to destroy the stones in your path. Validate your identity to cross the different laboratories. Reach the flag before losing your three lives.   And all that... at the same time! Will you be able to go home? If the answer is yes, how long will it take?
    • By BigJiggly
      Hello! So, I've been the leader of BJP for a while now. I'm a bit bored of taking the role I always take, leader. I was hoping someone out there is looking to forge a team maybe and needs a programmer. 
      I have experience mainly in the Unity engine(C# intermediate) and I have a very small amount of knowledge on Shaders, as well as experience on developing games(usually end up stuck in dev hell) and leading experience from my last team which at one point reached 11 people. I personally love the Unity engine and prefer to use it as it's the development environment I'm comfortable with. 
      I have used Unity for over a year and a few months, I'd consider myself an intermediate at the Engine, but to this day Unity still surprises me. 
      I live in the United Kingdom, I find it a bit strange to work with other programmers as the ones I've worked with tend to leave their code heavily unoptimised and I'm a on the go optimise kind of guy, I also like to get things done quickly.
      If you're a new team and need a programmer that has high levels of ambition and strives to maintain the motivation throughout the team, then I'm your guy. I don't care if you're just beginning because I'm all for helping people learn!
      To finish this off: I like to get things done and I like to get them done right the first time, if I fail I will do it again and again, etc, until I loose all motivation. So if you're a modeller or an artist, please don't leave me to do all the modelling/art as well as the programming and sound. I do have experience in all those areas but my main power is in programming and I'd prefer to keep it that way.
      [If this was posted in the wrong forum, sorry, I don't really know the layout of this website yet]
    • By Alexia
      Hi all,
      A small team are currently undertaking a fairly large game project involving multi-playing, taming and other complex game mechanisms.
      We are looking for someone who is experienced in programming a wide range of mechanisms, more information is on our discord server. It is also a learning experience and we wouldn't expect you to know how to do everything we wanted, but just ask that you would be willing to learn how to.
      If you are interested in joining the (rather long term project) just message me and i'll add you on discord.
      Thanks for your time,
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Is there a program to ensure that the game I've created does not get hacked from third party apps such as lucky patcher, game guardian, game killer etc. If so, how I do I prevent this obstacle from ruining the game. The game is online based but I just recently found out there are hackers. Is there a program I could use to stop this or is it in the coding.



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Yeah, pretty much what iedoc said. There's no magic software or library that will prevent your game from being hacked. If it's an online game, run any sensitive logic in the server, validate the data you get from the client and make sure you have a strong authentication system and protection against common threats like cross-site scripting, session hijacking and so on (Edit: I just saw the unity tag, so you probably don't need to worry about cross-site scripting and might not need an authentication system).

Also take into account that, unless your game gets a big user base, it's unlikely that anybody actually bothers to hack it, so be mindful of how much effort do you want to put into it beyond basic security practices.

Edited by Avalander

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I had a problem with someone decompiling my game client so I bought one of the best code obfuscating programs I could find and all it did was cause peoples virus scanners to think the game client was a virus. I guess people who create viruses use those types of tools.

I do keep as many decisions as possible server side. 

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HPlus covered some options and there are more.

3 hours ago, MvGxAce said:

Is there a program to ensure that the game I've created does not get hacked from third party apps

There are programs that make it more difficult, but it can never become impossible.  Even the games using the most sophisticated techniques that invest millions of dollars into protections (such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends) still cannot block all of it.

There are many ways to attack a game, and even more are discovered all the time.  

3 hours ago, MvGxAce said:

The game is online based but I just recently found out there are hackers. Is there a program I could use to stop this or is it in the coding.

For network games, attackers can attack the protocol. It is trivially easy to break through secure sockets, they only protect during transit; just like armored cars, it doesn't matter how armored the vehicle is when the bag of paper money had been replaced with a bag of fake monopoly money before the armored car was used. Attackers have complete control of the game, they can send whatever data they want through the pipes. Attackers can send data saying the player had aimed perfectly, send data saying the player had moved perfectly, or jumped at the right time to avoid danger, or otherwise send tampered data.


Attackers can also send malformed data through the pipes, so it needs to be verified as well. What happens if you get text string that is enormous, like a player name that is 3MB in length? What happens if you get a packet ID of type -1? What happens if you get a string that says it is length -1? What happens if you have levels 1-8 and someone sends a command to load level 45?

Players have other attacks through the program rather than through the network. Programs called 'aimbots' that read game data or that read screen buffers and send mouse events. Programs that grant unlimited money or free items. Programs or tools that make walls invisible, or that make enemies a highly visible color like neon yellow, or that load a map showing where every player is located.


An effective countermeasure to many attacks is to only tell the client the minimum that it needs to know. Don't say where players are at unless they're being drawn on the screen. If something is outside line-of-sight then it doesn't exist. Give out data on a 'need to know' basis.

Another highly effective countermeasure (which is also costly to implement) is to validate everything that comes from the client and run it all on the server. Trust nothing, and design the protocol so that the client sends requests and the server runs the simulation. If the player says they fired at a location at a time, verify that the player could have been at that location at that time. If the player says the jumped to safety from a place at a time, verify that they could have been at that location at that time. It could say they used a weapon they don't own, or say they bought an item with money they don't have. It could say they sold a rare item even though they didn't own it, or that they killed a monster that wasn't actually there.

Check for statistics. If someone has a very high accuracy, perhaps 100% of their shots are kills, that's probably a cheater. Many online games show a few stats at the end of game to help the community; a player may have 15% hit rate, 20% hit rate. A skilled player may have 60% hit rate. People who have very high hit rates, high frag counts, low death counts, and other unexpected values some games will allow players to flag them as potential cheaters.

Even with all that, there are bugs and defects that cheaters can still exploit. There was an infamous WoW "Corrupted Blood" bug, where a player could acquire a spreadable virus-like debuff, then through various methods bring the virus to a town of low-level players and infect them, leading to mass deaths. Several games have had walls with a slightly errant polygon, a skilled player could stand on that polygon or pixel error to gain an advantage.  Some games have had collision errors, where an unusual series of events could place a player inside a wall; they have a perfect shield and can fire at anyone. 

No matter what efforts you try exploits will still exist.

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It is absolutely true that exploits will always exist in some form.

What is also true, and moderately less depressing, is that you can invest a bounded amount of effort to make the vast majority of exploits not worth it. In other words, you can ignore some exploits that just aren't a big deal, in exchange for defending against the ones that are a big deal.

This is important from a cost/benefit perspective. If you get hung up on blocking every possible exploit, you'll exhaust your resources (and yourself) sooner or later. But if you let some things slide so you can focus on the important hacks, you can spare yourself a lot of work and preserve some sanity.

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If you're using Unity, this is a bit harder, because C# doesn't give you "perfect" control over data storage.

In general, the idea is to scramble and checksum the actual values used. In C++, this is easily done with a wrapper:

Here's a simple version to get you started (typed, not compiled):

template<typename T> class Hidden {
        Hidden(T const &t) : val_(0), cs_(0) { write(t); }
        operator T() const { check(); return read(); }
        Hidden &operator=(T const &t) { check(); write(t); return *this; }
        uint8_t val_[8];
        uint8_t cs_;
        T read() const {
            uint8_t tmp[8];
            memcpy(tmp, val_, 8);
            descramble(tmp, sizeof(T));
            return *(T *)tmp;
        void write(T const &t) {
            uint8_t tmp[8];
            *(T *)tmp = t;
            scramble(tmp, sizeof(T));
            memcpy(val_, tmp, 8);
            cs_ = calc_checksum();
        void check() {
            if (calc_checksum() != cs_) {
                throw new std::runtime_error("hack or bug detected");
        uint8_t calc_checksum() const {
            uint8_t cs = 0xc0;
            for (uint8_t const *p = tmp_; p != &tmp_[8]; ++p) {
                cs = cs * 0xfd + *p;
            return cs;
	Hidden<int> haha;
	haha = 3;
	int unpacked = haha + 5;

I also wrote a description of the code, after the inline code, but the new forums seems to have swallowed that part :-(

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You could check to see if a specific process is running on the target machine, if it is then close the game or uninstall the program running the specific process. But then they can just rename it, you'd then look at more specific things about the program but yeah I wouldn't bother with that.

My approach is the suggestion approach, I'll write the client so that it prevents the player from trying weird stuff, while writing the server so that it doesn't accept any weird stuff, my first goal is to get the client/server working so say x/y coordinates, player logs into the server, player gets player data, player spawns at default coordinates, player starts walking around.. so player presses W the server will receive the input and update the players position based on the speed the player is going and the direction, when the player releases W the server will receive the key release information and stop the player from moving. So even if the player somehow prevents the W release from being sent, the player would stop moving client side but server side the players still gonna move.. which isn't beneficial to the player. the player could try to teleport using say Cheat engine but the server monitors the client side current position, this is where you move past just getting the client server connection to work you're now starting to monitor player activity, so first things first this could be lag or something, so don't just ban the player, maybe try to reconnect the player after doing a ping test, if the ping works fine and the player is still connected then he's trying to hack so either way teleport him back to the last known state of what ever changed.


I dont know what those apps are you're talking about but as long as the client cannot COMMAND the server, then there's no way that they can hack anything meaningful. Then it falls down to BUGS and glitches where they somehow managed to open up a chest and loot it twice. That's a different story. 

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