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Music Packs for Video Games

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As video games developers I'd like to know your opinions about this:
I own a music licensing library and I'm about to launch a new product: music packs for video games.

These packs would include:
1 Menu theme
1 Main Theme
1 Success music
1 Defeat music

License: 1 single video game with unlimited sales and downloads, royalty free, forever, worldwide.
Price: $40/50

As game dev, what do you think about the pack, price, tracks included?
Do you think it can be attractive for you? If not, why not.

Thank you very much,

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If it's buying exclusive rights to the music, you're charging far too little.

If it's buying shared/non-exclusive rights to the music, you're charging too much.

My experience, both as a musician and a developer, is that games with a decent budget want unique music for their game, and the rest generally will go for Creative Commons stuff just to set the mood.

Additionally, a bundle of menu/main/success/defeat is too rigid for many games these days. Not all games fit that pattern and many will want less or more music. It's probably better to sell the pieces separately, but with references or tags that indicate when they're part of a set.

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