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    • By bvincent
      Hello everyone,
      I am doing a survey to understand better what are the pain points in terms of music composition in video games, what are the game studios / developers expectations in the future and how the industry could be improve: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NycMla5fhQd1fMbLy3c28alxCbhIYvkD6Fv9lqhxEJ0
      It is not a promotion of any kind, I am just interested in getting feedbacks from game developers, studios and gamers (and composers as well). 
      The answers are completely confidential and no personal information will be published, or used for any other purpose.
      Thanks for your time and help  
    • By nsmadsen
      Hey everyone,
      Here's some of the music I composed and produced for SGI's recent slot theme Monopoly Colossal Boardwalk, a slot game included in the newly released Monopoly Slots app! You can play this game and many great SGI slot games here: https://www.facebook.com/monopolyslots/ All content is owned exclusively by SGI and is showcased with permission. Feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoy it!
    • By WigNut
      Hi GameDev,
      I'm a composer and gamer, and would to find the right project to work on. Here is a link to my latest orchestral reel (although do work in other genres as well):
      If you're interested please feel free to pm/email and we'll go from there!
    • By Pete Jones
      Hi guys, I've been having trouble trying to network. I want to work on some small free games like something posted to itch.io or something similar. I've obviously been offering to do the music for free. I've posted on itch.io community forums, on Facebook groups, twitter, I've directly emailed people and not one person bothers to get back to me. I thought since I was offering to do this stuff for free it wouldn't be too difficult and I'm positive my music isn't that bad. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. Here's my tracks if you want a listen.
    • By Stillo Entertainment
      little bit about us, we are Stillo a 3 man team who have 2 projects in the work, that are in need of sound. these projects are simple physics puzzle that are a bit repetitive, and randomly generated so they are infinite. the core mechanics are good but this isn't the time of space invaders and games like these have a short shelf life. so we looking for some music that can accompany the games, instead of the bog standard background track. i am looking for someone who are interesting in having there music heard.
      while doing some research for these projects we came across a game call 'PitchUp'. our games have a similar style of mechanics and pace. pitchup's designers decided to use an album from the artist Dlay, instead of repeating a backing track. a song plays until an ad which is 5 or so respawns, this relates to about 2 minutes of game play, after the ad a new song starts. similar to our games there is not much need for long delays between spawns, which causes problems when trying to keep the game from being repetitive in longer play sessions. they seem to have solved this problem with having the album in game. the ads brake up the game and the new track gives the player a sense of a fresh start after an ad.
      stillo are looking for a producer who is willing to contribute a list of tracks or an album that could fit in with our style of project. we are looking for something electronic with an eerie vibe around 110 dpm eg. techno, synthwave, vaporwave etc. comment or email us a link to your soundcloud or other online music hosting place, we will be in contact if we like your stuff.
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Music Packs for Video Games

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As video games developers I'd like to know your opinions about this:
I own a music licensing library and I'm about to launch a new product: music packs for video games.

These packs would include:
1 Menu theme
1 Main Theme
1 Success music
1 Defeat music

License: 1 single video game with unlimited sales and downloads, royalty free, forever, worldwide.
Price: $40/50

As game dev, what do you think about the pack, price, tracks included?
Do you think it can be attractive for you? If not, why not.

Thank you very much,

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If it's buying exclusive rights to the music, you're charging far too little.

If it's buying shared/non-exclusive rights to the music, you're charging too much.

My experience, both as a musician and a developer, is that games with a decent budget want unique music for their game, and the rest generally will go for Creative Commons stuff just to set the mood.

Additionally, a bundle of menu/main/success/defeat is too rigid for many games these days. Not all games fit that pattern and many will want less or more music. It's probably better to sell the pieces separately, but with references or tags that indicate when they're part of a set.

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