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First Public Release of ImageFun is Available!

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Draw your own 3d First Person Shooter! Draw a map with some markers and paper, scan the map into ImageFun and play a 3d game. ImageFun is currently in development and has been released as a crowd-sourced gaming application. Two player, networked, support is coming soon!  See for more information.


Video of ImageFun in action with a demo:

Video of the map being turned into a game:



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Please feel free to provide some feedback!  I have listed the changes since the first release and a couple of screenshots showing the progress that has been made. 

All of this is generated from a hand-drawn "map". 

Thank you!


New screenshots attached.

3d First Person Shooter made from a hand-drawn map.


Lots of changes since the initial announcement.  They include:


Version 0.1.0060 (Alpha)

07/03/2017 – 07//2017

Player position fixes.
Default player projectile y position fixed.
Floor, ceiling, and wall textures can be resized so that they are smaller.

Version 0.1.0059 (Alpha)

07/02/2017 – 07/03/2017

The built-in image editor now saves it’s changes.
Temporarily hid the button to draw a new image, on the menu screen, when creating a new game.
Added a cursor to the built-in image editor to indicate where the changes will take place.
Fixed player position bug. Computer players no longer float in the air.
Added Switches. Switches can be configured to turn on or off lights. They will eventually work for doors as well.

Version 0.1.058 (Alpha)

06/28/2017 – 07/02/2017

Added basic in-app image editing capabilities.  A process for saving the changes needs to be added.

Version 0.1.057 (Alpha)

06/26/2017 – 06/28/2017

Added ceiling tiles.
Objects can be named by the user.
Loading saved games, scanned by RGB only, no longer creates duplicate stock bullets.
Loading saved games, scanned by RGB only, works properly.
Added a build tag to the saved game files. While not guaranteed, this will assist with backwards-compatibility.



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