VGM Academy 21-day Composition challenge

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Is anyone else here going to take the Video Game Music Academy 21-day composition challenge?


It's not a competition, just for fun and to create a habit of writing music every day :)

I signed up and I immediately started composing as I got really inspired by the checkbox Quest Logs they sent. Theres a lot of ideas what kind of compositional techniques and styles you could try and it's so much easier to start composing something with constrains than just a blank paper with every possible style.

Heres a short composition I made yesterday by using some compound meters, mostly 5/4 or actually 15/12:

I try to share my best pieces in this topic and you can do the same.  I try to keep up writing every day at least something even if I have long weekends doing gigs. Hope many of you try this challenge also :) 

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Here's another track: I listened to the Monkey Island soundtrack and got an inspiration for a pirate bar/saloon theme. The challenge itself has been really fun and inspiring even if it's been just few days. I've composed a lot of little themes and I try to orchestrate some of them so I can share :)  Anyone else stepping up for the composing challenge?


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Yesterday I made three short but different tunes. Today just one but I think it's a nice progression with some borrowed chords played with an acoustic guitar and and an ocarina on the second round. I think all of the short ones still have a good base to build on a longer composition if I need or want to. Anyway here's the newest one and if you want you can listen the stuff from yesterday from my Soundcloud: 


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Today is the time for a fight theme. I love Chrono Cross soundtrack and tried to tackle something similar as the normal fight theme and the boss fight theme combined. Some production and extension still needed but I like it already :) 

Any opinions or advice about any of the tracks this far? I want to get a shareable version ready every day (almost) so I might polish some tracks later if I use them on my portfolio.


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Today I got an inspiration from the Youtube "8-bit music theory" Mega Man video and composed something with authentic Mega Man feel. Hope you like it! Thoughts this far about the challenge: It's been fun and productive and the important part is to keep composing even if I don't feel like it all the time. It's been ten days and I've had to skip already 2-days but I've composed more than one track on some days. I try to keep up for the whole challenge but let's see, I have quite a lot of gigs and other music related stuff coming so it'll be tough on some days.


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