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Pedro Alves

Jornal Widget Problem

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The main point you're doing wrong is to give some random vague description of a problem, and a link to arbitrary code.

No basic information about the code, no pointers where to look, no description what you tried, and how that failed, not even a mentioning of what language or programming system or platform you use.


If you think people are so bored here that they open your link and start a ghost chase looking for your button in unknown code for a quest that can be anywhere, please think again.


Instead, leave the current program alone, and make a small test program that demonstrates the problem. Such things are usually small enough to post here. Make it easy for your readers to read and understand the problem. Once you understand how to fix that, applying the fix to your real program is normally simple.

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Also, if you are following a tutorial again (like I think you did the last time), I would recommend going through the tutorial again slowly and making 100% sure you are doing everything exactly like the tutorial is doing it.

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i find the problem

i forget the update my quest

now i have a other problem

i use this tutorial 


to make my pickup system to this tutorial

now i part have to pickup a quest item and  i can´t put to work

do i have to create other actor to use to the quest item

i can add to inventory but can´t update my quest

i think my problem is in pickup class

link to googledrive





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