Piano composition - Some feedback required!

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Jed_Crouch    145

Hi guys,

I wrote this piece recently originally for a client but decided to keep it for myself as I think it turned out great. Basically, I'm looking for feedback on the musicality of it and not so much the production. 

Please do let me know what you think! And also, please link anything I can look at of yours below.

All the best,


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Edgarlerouge    163

Hi Jed,

Nice work ! I like the mood you create with the pedal of D. Is it a 4 hands piece ? Maybe i would add at 1:42 new rythms at left hand to make a difference with the beginning. It could bring something more energic and then make the direction of the piece clearer. But i don't know the client's intentions for ... 

 I tryed to add 3 eighth notes "A C D" at the left hand every 2 bars, to add a sort of cadential mvt, that's what inspired me...

The chromatic progression is a good idea and it sounds great, tell me if i'm wrong, you go down most of the time with major chords? maybe i would add more extra notes to put the attention more on the colors of the chords and less the chromatism especially at the beginning of the chormatic progression.

There are my ideas ... :)


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nsmadsen    5584


Thanks for sharing your piece! I enjoyed the opening but felt some of the grace notes were played unrealistically. When I'm improvising, I often play the grace notes a bit softer. Also some of the chromaticism didn't work as well for me but that could be a personal taste. One other thing you might consider is contrary motion as often your outer voices moved in the same direction. 

Overall, though, I dug it! I loved the ending!



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