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    • By Masson
      Name: Dodging Dots
      Category: Arcade/Casual
      Come up with your own strategy. Collect myriads of dots and maneuver from the coming blocks. Beware! There gonna be lots of them!
      The minimalistic world will captivate you for a long time. Try out!
      Use upgrades to improve your game experience ūüéģ Increase the velocity ūüŹĄ of the dots to avoid the avalanche of blocks. Or you can increase the number of falling boosters to break ūüí• through it, the choice is yours! Nice color shades that change throughout the game Ongoing game. Original soundtrack ūüéß Integration with Google Play Games Compete with other players ūüŹÜ 18 achievements to warm up your interest ūüĒ• Simple control, play with one finger Google Play:¬†https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.groovin.blocks.delicate.survive.gameplay
      Feel free to leave comments. We really interested in improving this product and appreciate your support.
    • By Ty Typhoon
      I like to build my A - Team now.
      I need loyal people who can trust and believe in a dream.
      If you got time and no need for direct pay please contact me now.
      We cant pay now, you will recieve a lifetime percentage if the released game will give earnings. 
      If I get the best people together for a team, everything should be possible.
      What i need:
      - Programmer c++
      - Unity / Unreal - we must check whats possible, please share your experience with me.
      - Sculpter, 3D Artist
      - Animator
      - Marketing / Promotion 
      What i do:
      - Studio Owner
      - Director
      - Recruit exactly you
      - Sounddesign
      - Main theme composing
      - Vocals
      - Game design
      - Gun, swords, shields and weapon design
      - Character, plants and animal design
      Please dont ask about the Name of the Game, about Designs or Screenshots.
      The game will be defintitly affected about our and your skills if you join the team.
      Planned for the big Game:
      - 1st person shooter
      - online multiplayer
      - character manipulation
      - complete big open world with like lifetime actions and reactions
      - gunstore with many items to buy
      - many upgrades for players
      - specials like mini games
      So if you are interested in joining a team with a nearly complete game idea, contact me now and tell me what you can do.
      joerg federmann composing#2898
    • By khawk
      Pong Challenge!
      Make a single player Pong, with a twist. 

      Game Requirements
      The game must have: Start screen Key to return to the start screen Score system AI Player Graphics at least for the UI and players Sound effects for ball and paddle and when a player scores A unique gameplay element that makes your Pong game stand out from others The actual gameplay must happen on a single screen (no camera translation) Art Requirements
      The game must be 2D The art must be your own Duration
      4 weeks - November 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017
      Post on this thread your entries:
      Link to the executable (specifying the platform) Screenshots: if the screenshots are too big, post just a few, if they are small, you can post more, just don't take the entire space A small post-mortem in a GameDev.net Blog, with a link posted in this thread, is encouraged, where you can share what went right, what went wrong, or just share a nifty trick Source-code link is encouraged
    • By codelyoko373
      I wasn't sure if this would be the right place for a topic like this so sorry if it isn't.
      I'm currently working on a project for Uni using FreeGLUT to make a simple solar system simulation. I've got to the point where I've implemented all the planets and have used a Scene Graph to link them all together. The issue I'm having with now though is basically the planets and moons orbit correctly at their own orbit speeds.
      I'm not really experienced with using matrices for stuff like this so It's likely why I can't figure out how exactly to get it working. This is where I'm applying the transformation matrices, as well as pushing and popping them. This is within the Render function that every planet including the sun and moons will have and run.
      if (tag != "Sun") { glRotatef(orbitAngle, orbitRotation.X, orbitRotation.Y, orbitRotation.Z); } glPushMatrix(); glTranslatef(position.X, position.Y, position.Z); glRotatef(rotationAngle, rotation.X, rotation.Y, rotation.Z); glScalef(scale.X, scale.Y, scale.Z); glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, mesh->indiceCount, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, mesh->indices); if (tag != "Sun") { glPopMatrix(); } The "If(tag != "Sun")" parts are my attempts are getting the planets to orbit correctly though it likely isn't the way I'm meant to be doing it. So I was wondering if someone would be able to help me? As I really don't have an idea on what I would do to get it working. Using the if statement is truthfully the closest I've got to it working but there are still weird effects like the planets orbiting faster then they should depending on the number of planets actually be updated/rendered.
    • By mouhamedm
      What I must do in the event editor to add score????

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Should I switch from SFML to Qt5 for game development in c++?

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I have started programming in SFML , created three mini projects , I also know the basics of Qt, so I am planning to switch from SFML to Qt5, I am happy with SFML  I am planning to switch only because I could do something in the Qt framework with fun games,   are there any drawbacks I should be aware of Qt5 in game development field ?   or Should I stay with SFML ?  Thanks!

Edited by kishy_Nivas

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This is really about what decisions you want to make.  The community can't really help you with the decision, and it is you who needs to live with the choice.

If SFML works for you, you already know it and that is an advantage. You can get more done quickly with a tool you already know.

You don't know Qt5, so do some research to see if it also does what you want. Learn it and use it if you want to, but it comes with the cost of a learning curve.

From there, look at the options and build a decision grid.  Figure out which is more beneficial to you, and choose that.

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30 minutes ago, frob said:

This is really about what decisions you want to make.  The community can't really help you with the decision, and it is you who needs to live with the choice.

Yes it is up to OP's final decision but it is still good if someone with say 4,  5 or maybe 6 year's experience with Qt5 share their experience with OP to help him/her make a quicker better decision. 

Quick learning and fiddling around for some months cannot match or beat a veteran sharing years of experience of pitfalls and advantages with OP

Edited by grumpyOldDude

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Qt is a technology that has little direct relevance to games - so if someone comes here and asks "should I switch to it" the answer can't be much better than "if you want to".

SFML is fine for games and if it works it's not clear why someone would abandon it. If however there was a specific project in mind, and we were told about that, it might be possible to give some advice on what technology to use (and that would probably not be Qt).

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