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My name is Hristo Kolev, a student at “Manchester Midi School”, Manchester, UK and I will be graduating this August with a degree in “Music production and audio engineering”.

As part of my final research paper I am exploring the development of game audio through the years and the role of the composer as part of the development team. The research is mainly focused on the connection between audio and technological developments and the skills a musician has to have in order to work in the industry. I will be extremely grateful if you agree to answer few question on the topic.


Name:                                                                                                                                                  Date:


1.       How long have you been composing for video games?


2.       What is the most effective platform of promotion for you as a composer?


3.       What are the essential skills a game composer needs and how did you gain these skills?


4.       What are the biggest challenges you have faced in becoming game audio professional?


5.       How composing and sound design have changed over the years and how did you managed to adapt to those changes?


6.       Do you think that in technological aspect game audio is reaching its limit for innovations?


7.       With so many requirements today, such as composing, sound design, knowledge and understanding of scripts, programing and coding, Wwise and FMOD, how do you manage to learn everything and keep track of all new innovations and which of these you think are most essential for a young composer or audio engineer?


Please feel free to add any addition information you find useful. Any advice will be highly appreciated!


Kind regards,

Hristo Kolev


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