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    • By FB Fresh
      I would like to know if there are any game developers/ designers who could spare a few minutes for an email/ phone call interview if so please let me know ASAP very much appreciated thank you.
    • By Court
      Hi there, I am currently studying a diploma of screen and media and want to move on to the bachelor of game animation and design after this course finishes. I was just wondering if there was any advice anyone had on landing job interviews and finding work in general for this field. I was also wondering how hard it is to find a job in this field for females as well?
      many thanks
    • By Alex Daughters

      Hi, I am currently a college student studying to become a Game Developer. I need to interview current game developers for a class I'm taking. if anyone seeing this could answer just the 5 questions that I have provided below as well as your name, current position, and how many years you've been in the game industry. I'd really appreciate any responses. 
      Year in the industry:
      What was the starting salary?
      How many hours do you work?
      What did you learn outside of school that was useful?
      How did you get your job and how hard was it to find it?
      how was this job different than you expected it to be?
      Thank you for your time.
      -Alex Daughters
    • By Gezu
      I'm creating 3D environment for our side-scroller platformer game Warriorb. I use Blender for creating props and UE4 as game engine. My aim is to create different looking and feeling area types while keeping the same art style. I go for something between stylized and realistic. I don't use much detail because I don't have much time for each area. I've attached some examples. If you have any tip on how to improve my scenes I would be glad to hear it!



    • By Light Yagami
      Hello everybody,
      This is my first time doing anything like this and I need some advice. As part of my school assignment, I need to create an educational video game about mutation. Here is my idea - there are three levels, each level has two arcade type games and the number of points earned in each game is the level of mutation you can cause to your character. Ultimately in each level, the mutations you cause to your character in the game will result in how ready they will be for the boss battle at the end of each level. The first two levels will have an interactive text battle and level three will have animation. I need help creating this game and feedback to make it easier because of the time constraint. I will keep updating on how the game is but this is my first time with Unity so I would appreciate any sort of feedback. 
      My game design document is attached if any of you want further details on the game. 
      Game Design Development Template.docx
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My name is Hristo Kolev, a student at “Manchester Midi School”, Manchester, UK and I will be graduating this August with a degree in “Music production and audio engineering”.

As part of my final research paper I am exploring the development of game audio through the years and the role of the composer as part of the development team. The research is mainly focused on the connection between audio and technological developments and the skills a musician has to have in order to work in the industry. I will be extremely grateful if you agree to answer few question on the topic.


Name:                                                                                                                                                  Date:


1.       How long have you been composing for video games?


2.       What is the most effective platform of promotion for you as a composer?


3.       What are the essential skills a game composer needs and how did you gain these skills?


4.       What are the biggest challenges you have faced in becoming game audio professional?


5.       How composing and sound design have changed over the years and how did you managed to adapt to those changes?


6.       Do you think that in technological aspect game audio is reaching its limit for innovations?


7.       With so many requirements today, such as composing, sound design, knowledge and understanding of scripts, programing and coding, Wwise and FMOD, how do you manage to learn everything and keep track of all new innovations and which of these you think are most essential for a young composer or audio engineer?


Please feel free to add any addition information you find useful. Any advice will be highly appreciated!


Kind regards,

Hristo Kolev


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