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Paper Souls (Concept)

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This is just a concept and i would one day like to make this come true, i do have tons of crazy ideas and would like some feedback. 
PS i got no computing or programming skills whats so ever, but i can be very creative.

Paper Souls is a online mobile or web browser game where players gets to draw their own Heroes. Really? nope that would be hard to animate and program. 
Instead Players get to choose from a few body shapes and pick how the hero would look like including eyes mouth, antennae, if the hero have wings or a tail or a ghostly bottom.
Players can also share their creations and have a option to copy their friends hero molds with a click of a button. If the player does not own a piece to the mold, then the player will then be asked to switch or remove that specific piece.  

So the game starts off with giving a player a summon stone, summon stones are then used to summon a paper soul which is unique characteristics and passive from there the player can create their hero.
The Background is a Scratch paper filler with a tree in it, every few seconds the tree will drop a fruit in which the hero who fortunately has a bottomless pit will be able to eat if the player clicks the fruit. The background can also display Energy, Stamina, and player level
Energy is used to do quests and to attack the raid boss, Replenishes 1 every 5 minutes 
Stamina is used to participate in Arena Battles, replenishes 1 every 5 minutes
player leveling, when a player levels up they have a choice of what stats they prefer to have up
Energy Count
or a free Hero Page
Players also get a skill point to be used in a skill tree.

Scrolling to The left you have the Barn option which allows you to customize and pick which hero you want to be active. 
Heroes will have 6 equipment slots Weapon. Boots, Armor, Gloves, Rune, and Talisman 
In case you are curious equipment does not change appearances 

Scrolling to the right you have a travel switch that opens up options in a map showing a quest path, within the map players can find the Shop, Guild, Arena, Home, and Alter options. 
 Clicking on a Quest node will allow your hero to battle a fixed scenario for loot and prizes however the loot and finding are completely random number generated. Some paper souls have passives that can fix looting for farming needs. 

Shop - Used to buy new customization appearances, Summon Stones, Equipment, and Page Slots, occasionally special specific souls can appear here as well  
Summon Stones - Used at the Alter to create a new Paper Soul
Page Slots - a bonus room to have an extra hero (heroes can be switched out via home)
Special Souls - Souls that can be summon but can be bought guaranteed 

Guild - Here you can create a guild or search to join one, participate in Guild raids and wars. Guild raids will always be active and special rewards are earned for participating in raids by using Energy to attack the Raid boss. There is also a crafting station in the guild if an item is farmed enough with a few combinations players can choose what equipment they would like to craft. Guild Wars the guild leader has a option to search for one, they last up to 24 hours and each player gets a maximum of 2 attacks. 

Battle screen - In an Arena and a guild war battle, it will have all available heroes from both parties clash in an epic battle simulator type of scenario, but to prevent lag in case of emergency only a maximum of 10 heroes from each side can be seen at once, when a hero dies it fades off the screen and another enters (no their death ain't permanent ya dinguses) Last side standing determines the victor

Arena - Arena is where players go to spend stamina to attack another player, there will be a re-roll button and a list of 3 can be seen detailing how many heroes you have to go against for each one, the enemy players level and guild they are from. Player gains a fraction of the enemy players gold if the battle is won (5%) You can't invade the same player twice. 

Alter is where you go to retire a hero for space, Level up a hero with gold, or use summon stones to create a new hero with a new paper soul. 

Paper Soul examples
Oh Karp (Soul) - Level 1
Passive - Raises the chance of getting invaded by 5% 
Passive - Generates 5 gold per minute wile you are away
Passive - Raises Health of all units by 1%
Passive - recoil damage = 5% dealt
Health - 80 
Attack - 5
Armor - 10
Attack Speed - 0.5 a second

Oh Karp (Soul) - Level 50
Passive - Raised the chance of getting invaded by 5%
Passive - Generates 30 gold per minute wile you are away
Passive - Raised Health of all units by 20%
Passive Recoil damage = 30% dealt
Health - 300
Attack - 15
Armor - 20
Attack Speed - 2.2 a second 

Armor reduces .1% damage dealt for each point, Heroes have a maximum of 50 levels
Cost of leveling up a hero starts at 1000 and raises by 100 for each passing level
Leveling a hero will raise 1 random passive by 1 value and 1 random stat by 1 value. (Actually pretty fixed and set depending on the paper soul) 
Each paper soul will have 4 passives

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