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[Closed] Looking for a programmer and an artist for a visual novel

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Greetings to all. I am a hobby developer with a project for a mystery visual novel on the vein of the Ace Attorney series, with some elements from different games and a more grounded, but just as funny style. I am mostly a writer and a character designer. I have completed most of the script and gathered all the sprites and backgrounds. However, I lack a couple of people in order to complete the project. Namely:

 - A programmer to help with the coding of the game and implement a couple features. I started the game in Renpy and I've learnt basic functions, but I would require for someone to finish what I cannot. I am also fine if the programmer wants to start the work from scratch on a different engine.

 - Artists for cutscenes, front cover artwork, user interface and props. Sprites and Backgrounds are already accounted for. I do not look for samples of incredibly professional art, but polished enough to match the rest of the game. I am open for a different visual style for this artwork, if the artist has their own idea.

Thanks for your attention and I await your response. Have a good day.


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Hi :)

May be I can join you as a programmer, but I will only be free in Sep.

So in case until then you didn't find someone,, please just reach me.


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Um, sorry, I currently am full in terms of programmers. I just wrote an update on the forum.

Perhaps I should close this announcement, sorry for the inconvinience.

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