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Welcome to our Article Writing forum!  

If you're interested in publishing with us this is the place to ask any questions you might have or get help.

You can submit an article by clicking the + button pencil button in the upper right and choosing the option for "Article in Articles and Tutorials".  Note that this section of the site is for informational or tutorial style articles -- press releases, game announcements, questions, etc. belong elsewhere and will not be approved (although many of them can be submitted using the correct option from the same menu!).



What happens next?

After submission, your article will go into a queue for review and approval.  Your article will be checked for basic spelling, grammar, and formatting.  We may also add links to relevant good quality resources either on or off our site; don't worry, any links you've included in the original text will be preserved as well.  If required, we will also source a feature image for the article.

If your submission does not meet our quality standards we will work with you to improve it or may suggest elsewhere on the site (such as in the blogs section) that may be more appropriate, otherwise, we will schedule it for publication at a date in the near future.  Articles are scheduled rather than published immediately so that each one will get it's time to shine and hopefully receive the attention it deserves.


Any questions?

Please ask in the forum, send a private message to jbadams, or email jastleadams@gamedev.net. 

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