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PYGRID RPG - A Textual Interface RPG in Python!

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Heya everyone!

Based on my post score I'm sure you can tell I'm new to this community. I lurked a little bit to get an idea for the community and make sure I didn't post this where it didn't belong.

Key Information


    Python 3.6


Open Source:



Level of Programming Knowledge Applied:

    Beginner-Intermediate ... I use a couple packages and a fair amount of dictionary maintenance that might be daunting to a -brand-spanking-new- newbie.


Required Packages:



Git Repo:

A brief history

I'm a Psychology major out of Saskatchewan, Canada, who has always had a profound interest in games. All kinds, from simple pen and paper to the latest video release (Oblivion was like OMG WHAT!?) Anyways, I don't study programming often, I take the occasional Computer Science class just to stay fresh if I haven't been doing much coding lately. I've made a few little games in the past, nothing too spectacular. Space Infaders was my first project when I was 13, and since then I've made a few minor projects in GameMaker, and toyed around with educational text games.

The Contemporary

I recently realized I have been letting my gaming habits take control of my life, and decided I needed to stop. I've learned about addiction in my education, and part of that education taught me that one addiction must be replaced by another. Apparently that is very true. Since I stopped gaming 3 days ago I have spent nearly 24 hours developing this little text game that I dreamed up nearly 10 years ago after playing a basic little pen and paper game I found on the net.

What is my game?

My game is a text-based dungeon crawler RPG that runs either in your native command window, or through Python's IDLE interpreter. The recommended method is through a command window since that's where the graphical elements really shine.

What's the design philosophy?

As of the time I am writing this, there is no real design philosophy. I've made everything I originally dreamed up and have just been adding to it since. I may update this in the future if I decide to take it seriously.

Why are you posting this here?

To invite criticism. I'm interested in hearing what you guys think about the game, any ideas you might have for expansion, and any other thoughts you might have regarding the game itself. The code is incredibly stringy and I know it needs to be cleaned up, so if you have any direct recommendations for how to structure code like this in a way that is as legible as possible then I am ALL EARS. I know how to read it, and I know where everything is, but when I start thinking about making it easy for others to read I get lost. Furthermore, PEP-8 is not followed in the source at the time I'm writing this which makes things further messier. I will be PEP-ing it soon, I just want to get the FEATURES In there!

Furthermore, I also implore any of you who do try the game out and receive inspiration from it to Fork it and make your own additions and customizations! I'd love to see how other people create in the environment that I have built.

Alternatively, if you are neither interested in coding or giving feedback, I hope you might at least enjoy playing the game in it's current state! I am updating it at an alarming rate right now as it is in early development, but it is completely playable :)

The only requirements to get started contributing is to have an install of Python 3.6 with the Numpy package installed.

python pip install numpy

I would post the source code into this thread, but it's around 650 lines of code at the time I am writing this so I'll just have to supply the repo.



Thank you in advance for your interest in my little project, and for any and all feedback that you might provide! I hope you enjoy playing the game :)

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