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Risk-style Map Tool for Unity

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I'm working on a map generation tool for Unity. The tool takes 2D input (map of regions, map of heights, etc) and constructs a 3D terrain object with individual meshes for each region. The idea is to make development of 4X/Grand Strategy/turn-based games much easier in Unity. I started this project after searching the internet and realizing a tool like this didn't already exist.

It already basically works (takes about .9 seconds to generate a 3D world from a 500x500 image), but I want to know what other features people would like me to add. I've already got:

  • regions w/ built in references to neighboring regions
  • texturing using single material
  • height-map
  • support for "islands" and non-contiguous regions
  • an input image checker and input error correction

I'd be happy to share more information. Just comment or message me. I don't think it's ready for release, but I'm not sure what to add.

Sorry my example terrains are so low effort, I'm not much of an artist.


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