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Stranger's Characters

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As is it's already a good model. There is only a few places I can see where to improve.


It's a bit skinny and flat. For the body that is OK, however the arms need a bit of puffing.

The face and body 3D levels can be improved by moving them out.


I like the tail, it looks great and solid. The problem is that it highlights how thin your wyvern is, it's tail is almost as thick as it's full body. Where most lizards especially the fast ones tails reaches half size at 2/3 of the way.



Things I like:

The scales mixing with the soft body, that looks really good. The curves on the scales also make each part look more 3D.

Clear anatomy. I like how you used the scales to show the anatomy.


The pose is a fantastic choice. It's going to produce the best normal maps and is going to make animating the model easier.

You will have some small problems with the back of the neck, although because it's in the shape it's going to be 80% of the time it will work in your favour.


Can't wait to see the end result.

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1 hour ago, Stranger1988 said:

It s low with baked maps already.

Then it was too late to ask for advice.

There is the Your Announcements if you just want people to see it. When posting the artist forum people will think you want comments on it.


edit: I notice it says characters. If you plan on posting many characters then a Blog could also work. That way you can explain some things about each character for those of us interested in them.


What tri count did you hit?

What tool did you use for the retopology, it looks really good? 

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