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    • By Josheir
      I am going to use/learn JavaScript once a week.  I am wondering what the best backend for a store/login game server/etc. would be :  PHP or C#, or something else.  The criteria is longevity of uses, efficiency, value, and quickness to learn. 
      Am I forgetting anything that would be needed, i.e. : the unresearched :  JNode.  I want to be lean with my learning.
      Thank you; it has taken quite a while to consider all this,
      The language that I know the best is C++.  I will be using/studying this more too (other days.)
    • By Marinka Brussel
      Imagine a game where the characters are not defined by body regions, but rather, each body region consists of thousands of components, which would kind of replicate the real world where we consist of molecules, atoms - that would open up many, many new possibilities for creative gameplay. Can this be done on any scale with today's technology, or would the games simply require too powerful of a computer to even be playable? Are there any theoretical limits to this? Thanks
    • By Dijsktras
      Hi all,
      Does anyone here know if coloring book games are popular among little kids?
      If yes, I have the following questions:
      Do kids tend to color the same image over and over again? UI is supposed to be 'childish and crowded' or 'flat and peaceful'? Does 'kid songs' matter as in-game music? (In my current project, we have found that the audio is ignored by the adults) Anything you would like to add and I should consider?  
    • By Pasha Gubin
      Hey guys, wanna introduce to you my new arcade game!
      I'll be very grateful if you leave your impressions and recommendations in the reviews. Please, don't judge strictly, my first experience. Have a nice day!)
      Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ReikoApps.LeapGameSpeedEvol
    • By Eios
        I have coded small games and put some of the features from them into a platform game. But I know my art is not appealing and I don't want to plan the story and cut scenes out. That is why I am posting on the collaboration forum to see if anyone wants to make a game out of this.
      Only hobbyists apply. Please don't change your mind about it being a hobby. PM me when making your application.
      My platform game includes:
      Camera and Movement
      Moveable camera and not binded to player when pressing middle mouse button.
      Bug free jump.
      Player direction following mouse cursor.
      Good collisions.
      Platforms and diagonal slopes.
      Stored Statistics
      Level up with statistics.
      Health bars.
      Save system with continue room.
      Basic attack.
      Self heal.
      Attack and pull enemies back.
      Attack and throw enemies in the air.
      Essential Rooms
      Zoning to a new room.
      Menu with sounds.
      Game over room.
      Randomized rooms.
      Text Dialogue
      Interacting with NPC displays a message.
      Ending conversation with a key press.
      Text typing itself.
      Fast forwarding text with a key hold.
      P.S. I know everyone suffers from jealousy if someone starts selling the game and forget about the other people that worked on it. That is why we need to make sure that we use Discord. But I do not plan to sell the game.
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London based front end full stack developer wanted for c6 weeks to help development

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London based front end full stack developer wanted for c6 weeks to help development.  We work out of old street (Silicon roundabout).  We are now a team of 4 (2 are hardcore back end guys).  We really need a front-end designer who can work the stack.


You will be the front end lead that will be building elegant and scalable data-driven web apps to integrate with our back-end stack. You should be able to demonstrate your expertise using appropriate modern technologies.



·  Highly proficient with front-end stacks such as and  HTML5, CSS, Javascript.

·  Demonstrated expertise with multiple JS frameworks such as React, Angular, jQuery.

·  Demonstrated expertise with data visualization frameworks such as D3.js

·  Understanding of designing and integrating web services  (REST).

·  Demonstrated expertise with effective, responsive UX design.

·  Understand of potential website security issues.

·  Write scalable, readable, maintainable code



·  Solid experience as a front-end developer

·  Able to work across multiple projects and balance priorities

·  Capable of effectively acting on feedback, quickly and efficiently

·  Willing to learn and utilize new technologies appropriate for particular tasks

Emails to manyo23@hotmail.com

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