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    • By Marinka Brussel
      Imagine a game where the characters are not defined by body regions, but rather, each body region consists of thousands of components, which would kind of replicate the real world where we consist of molecules, atoms - that would open up many, many new possibilities for creative gameplay. Can this be done on any scale with today's technology, or would the games simply require too powerful of a computer to even be playable? Are there any theoretical limits to this? Thanks
    • By LingLing_Artsu

      Hello! I am an artist thats been wanting to develop a visual novel game called, "Hyacynth" , with another artist, @Quinncy Sama 
      and our marketer, @Anthony Cao who is also part of the team.
      Hyacynth is a thriller, tragedy based story played in the view of a man reborn as a serial killer.
      As a visual novel, there would be various routes and endings within the story. I would also like to implement pixel mini games as well.
      My goal with Hyacynth is to make the game both pc and mobile based. This is my first time starting such a large project so I plan to make it free/non-profit
      with hopes in making in-game purchases an available choice in the future. I am mainly an Artist and character designer with a general idea of the main story route.
      With this in mind, I am looking for various people and talents who are willing to join and contribute to completing this project:
      - A writer(s) that can help me further flesh out the story and help keep any branching routes to flow well with each other.
      - A programmer(s) to code the game and implement various features including a mini game that would occur within the main visual novel.
      Due to the nature and features of the game I am looking for someone that has experience with Unity. I do not have any knowledge with coding so I won't be able to help much there ;w; this part of the project may be a challenge so perhaps a group of coders would make the processes smoother along the road.
      - A GUI designer that can design the overall user interface and system graphics for the game.

      - Artists for cover art, props, cg, backgrounds and sprites. As artists, Quin and I would be the main contributors to this field however it never hurts to find some helping hands! We are mainly looking for props and background artists at the moment however, we would also like a sprite artist to help us make the sprite making process for efficient. If you are interested in joining the team as an artist, you must provide any examples of your past work for I wish to look for styles that would be coherent with the already existing art styles that we plan to use for the game. 
      With the hopes of implementing a pixel based mini game, we are also looking for pixel artists interested in joining as well!
      Future roles we are also looking for but are not mandatory at the moment:
      - Song writer/composer(s) for background music and OST's
      - Sound Designers for various effects and actions in the game.
      - Voice Actors, this isn't a mandatory feature for the project at the moment, but we do hope to implement voiced dialogues within the game as well.

      Our main source in communication for the project will be discord so you must provide your discord ID when applying via comment or PM.
      Thank you everyone for your attention and I await your responses!
      Sincerely, LingLingArtsu
      Update 4/17/2018
      As of right now Voice actors will not be out biggest priority since there are many characters still in development. If you are interested in joining the Voice acting field of the project feel free to send us a PM providing examples of your past works.
      We are currently looking for writers who are willing to collaborate with our main writer for the script may be dialogue heavy.
      The following roles listed below are still open:
      - Programmer 
      - GUI Designer
      - Sound Designer
      - CG artist
      - Background artist
      - Sprite artist 
    • By Alexia
      Hello to whomever is reading this,
      I see that you clicked this topic for a reason... you can draw, you're an artist, your work is digital and unique! And, let's not forget, you're talented...
      And guess what? You're exactly who i'm looking for. 
      A.I is a game concept that i have been thinking about a lot lately, and i'm searching for skilled people (aka you) to join the team. The game is going to be multiplayer, open-world, located on a distant jungle planet that is inhabited by bio-luminescent flora and fauna. The player will be able to explore, craft, tame, build, hunt and form clan alliances/or fight instead!
      And i need you...
      Now, if you're still reading this im guessing you're still interested! If you are the talent im looking for message me or post below.
      Please be able to draw concepts for (which i bet you can):
      - Creatures
      - Plants
      - Characters
      - Items such as weapons, tools and clothing etc.. 
      I will add you on discord 
      P.S Please have some artwork examples you can show me for reference  
    • By Ryuji Sakomoto
      This is just an idea i had, its about a robot, he takes down criminals and turns them in. the robot attempts to take down a hacker, but fails and gets shut down. the company who made the robot made a whole bunch more guard robots, all of the robots get hacked and take over. the original robot wakes up and the company has the robot take back the robots to be shut down and to fnally take down the hacker.
    • By Solarus
      I'm looking for an artist and programmer to help make a small game project called Shoomie Garden, a web browser game. Most of the rough designs are already done, same for the lore. The art style I'm looking for is a simple flat 2D art style, because the game leans more towards a visual novel. (Similar to Chicken Smoothie, Lioden, Flight Rising, and Mweor.)
      (At the moment there is no particular deadline or rush, this is just a personal project that I thing would be fun to work on with other people in our spare time.)
      Shoomie Garden is a pet collection/gardening game, where the player gets to grow and discover different types of Shoomies, (Small snail-plant creatures.) There aren't many areas for the player to go, only their Shoomie Garden, (the place that players keep and cultivate their Shoomies. It also functions as the players Shoomie Nursery. (Baby Shoomies are called Shooshoo's) The Master Tree, (where players can adopt Shoomies that have been abandoned) The Help Center, (where the player can go to find tips and guides on how to play)
      And The Forest. (where the player can go on a visual novel type adventure with one of their selected Shoomies. The Forest functions as a way to collect Shoomie Seeds, (called Sprouts) every Sprout can grow into any random Shoomie, from common to uncommon and even to rare. (There's a 90% chance the player will get a common or uncommon Shoomie, while there's only a 30% chance the player will get a rare Shoomie.) It also gives the player Experience to Level up. The player starts out with 20 Energy, every step they take in The Forest, costs 2-3 Energy. The players Energy will be fully restored withing 24 Hours.
      When the player signs up, they're given the option to create their own Shoomie, with a 50/50 chance it will come out as common or uncommon. Feeding and watering the Shoomies is a daily task, however food and water is free. Entertaining the players Shoomies costs 5 Energy, the higher the Shoomies Level, the more Energy it will cost.
      If possible, on a later date, I'd also like to add things like a Custom Generator for players to see all the different kinds of Shoomies and to even try their hand at designing the Shoomie of their dreams. An Items Shop for things like energy Restoring Potions or Shoomie Accessories. And a Forum area for players to meet, chat, and discuss various topics.
      Common Shoomies: All Mushroom types, some Flower types, some Herb types. - Uncommon Shoomies: Most Flower types, most Herb types, some Plant types. - Rare Shoomies: Most Plant types, all Tree types, all Aquatic types. - Ultra Rare Shoomies: All Elemental types.

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Bad writer need help with sci-fi story

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I was thinking about some sci-fi game like Grand Theft Auto. It is important because story is designed for this type of game.


Year 3050

Ships of new enemy attacked planet and destroyed almost whole planet, before federation fleet destroyed them. Some people survived. Between them was a girl, Kes. She stay on planet, steal food. One man find her and help her. Because he know she has a adventurous character. They become traders nad space pirates. One day man was shot and she runaway and take his ship.

The second main protagonist and playable character is son of general or some else with high status. His father want for him to be ship commander, but he ended in a hangar and helping with repairing ships.

One day Kes is arrested and blackmailed by federation. She must do some jobs for them and her partner is Raldy. When doing some job they meet old friend. Man who saved Kes when she was young. They make a team and start some business.

I think sci-fi is great for game like GTA. In game can be lots of gangs, stealing space ship, lots of business and I already hate games when you saving the world. Mass Effect have lots of talking and I do not like it in this game type.

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It's very unclear what you are asking for. You should ask specific questions and state clearly what it is that you want help with.

This story might work and I don't see any problem with a sci-fi set up for a game with mechanics similar to GTA. Your story needs a lot of work, though. There's nothing interesting in it so far, just a vague outline of what could be an interesting plot if you put some serious work into it, or just a dull backstory to justify your setting. And let's be honest, lots of games settle for the latter option, so that might be totally fine if you don't want to put dozens of work hours into getting the story right.

If you want to flesh out your story, I suggest thinking about the following questions.

  • What makes your characters extraordinary?
  • Why is their story told instead of anybody else's story?
  • How are their actions changing the world?

Don't get the last question wrong, they don't necessarily need to change the whole universe, but they need to impact the world around them and change it somehow.

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Thank you for reply.

My first question is if somebody have some idea for my story. I always come up with some idea then I write it. But I can not continue. I know that I will not make whole story in a week, but after month I have nothing more than basic. I know my story is cliche, but whatever. I do games just for fun now.

Another question. Any tip about making missions? But I think, there is no advice.

You are right. I do not want spend two years writing story, so I will choose second option too. And thanks for questions. I will think about them.

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Crafting a good story is something you get better at by doing everyday. Try spending just a few minutes on your story a day. If you know the broad spectrum of your story (beginning, middle, and end), it shouldn't be hard from there. If you want some exercises to help flex your writing muscles these will do the trick:


If you're looking to craft a world rich with lore try this:


Everything you could ever want to know about your world will eventually be a question asked. I used it for my book and it really helped set me straight. Also, Cassandra Clare (author of The Mortal Instruments series) uses this as well. I guarantee this will give you a great insight into your world.

I hope some of this helps. Good luck with your game!

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Space gangster stories are not common as anything aside from a subplot. Both SW and ME have prominent examples (shadow-broker/black suns).


That being said, if gangs in space is the main drive of the game, it could be quite original.

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Hm...Reminds me of the Privateer games by Chris Roberts, who also created Wing Commander. Basically it's kind of a space pirate game LOL. It's not a bad concept at all as it actually did pretty well and he just created a new game with the same concept. As for being a "bad writer", I wouldn't say that. Just undeveloped perhaps. There's nothing wrong with that. Just keep working at it. Keep progressing. You may be surprised at what you can achieve even as an under developed writer. Practice makes experience. 

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