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Dark Fantasy Text RPG[Profit Sharing - Part Time]

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We're a team of three currently looking for our fourth member to replace recently lost crew on our project - specifically a Unity Programmer who can handle the coding side of things from start to finish over a 1 year period. The times when you work are up to you, but the standard is 10 hours or more per week, with obvious leeway for personal circumstance that might come up. Anyone joining will need to be able to fit the particular lifestyle that they'll be accommodating the next year and be prepared to dedicate themselves to their work and the perfection of their skills. Which means you'll need to support yourself for three quarters of that time without income coming from the game, which makes this project ideal for students and those whom have yet to find opportunities to perform in a professional environment.  Of course once crowd funding goes through and we sell the game, all profits will be divided equally among the crew with no one receiving more than the others.


I should also point out for this next part that I'm the writer/designer for this team and that I take on a sort of management role outside of my own duties in creating lore and story for this venture. As such I reserve the right to remove team members if I believe they don't want to work on our project or are incapable of meeting the standards of quality required. An example of required standards is that when I first started hiring about two months ago to get the team together I looked through about twenty or so applicants and accepted a total of six for an interview - out of those three joined. So please keep in mind that this is a high octane environment, we currently work for free but still consider ourselves to be quite skilled in what we do and perform to near extremes. You don't need to have worked on a game before, but will need to confident in your abilities and be able to surprise us with what you are able to create. Good enough doesn't work here. We've a duty to ourselves and those who will ultimately fund our futures to make something beautiful here, so I won't accept the idea of making something less than it could've been.


The team itself currently consists of an artist, composer and myself.  Some work has been made but we're in the introductory phase of our work, building the foundations and basics until they reach a standard of quality that can be used to build the rest of the game upon. Not too many details can be revealed and for purposes of protection only those considered for interviews will be able to see anything behind the curtains. But I will do my best to describe what you'll be doing, as I don't expect you to commit to something that does not seriously interest you.


This game, which we could call Singorn for now is as described a Dark Fantasy Text Roleplaying game with an emphasis on player choice and an honest world that reacts appropriately to what the player does. Rush across an old rope bridge during a chase and the player may fall to their death, attempt to persuade a psychotic necromancer to make peace with them and find themselves disintegrated into dust. The list goes on, but the point is of representing reality within a world of magic and monsters, where being a knight in shining armor means certain death and choosing to do good most often comes with severe consequence, making the player honestly decide for once if being a hero is worth it to them.


The story itself is based around a particular evil artifact the player must transport to a faraway place, while having to follow a linear storyline/pathway to get there, encountering all manner of strangeness from skeleton kings to insane artificers in search of the ultimate power. In this the player has freedom, even though they are constrained to follow these stories, being able to decide how they interact with them and in what ways they solve their problems, to a level of extreme complexity. Hunting down a monster involves more than just the swinging of a sword and there is both consequence and reward to investigating their weaknesses as well as sneaking up on them - while the same can said for one who might decide to simply charge forward and hack into them without planning. Both situations are plausible, in some cases one is better than the other and it's up to the judgement of the player to determine what the best choice is, whether that means taking the easy path or the right path is up to them. There is also a rolling system similar to D&D which takes into account circumstance, environment, injury, prior knowledge, equipment and the characteristics of the PC that ultimately decide the results of their choices. In terms of how the game would look, some examples included could be that of Pillars Of Eternity and FTL, though with an absolute focus on the textual side of things that ultimately look and perform better in our particular circumstance.


So if you want to find out more and perhaps join our merry band of sellswords, then send me an email at 

If you intend to ask questions then ask them, but if you send me an email asking to join then be prepared to be rejected if you fail to show some examples of your capabilities. There will also be a requirement for you to create a basic unity demo for the game once accepted before you can start just to be sure. Anyway, I look forward to working with whomever does join and to all that we'll discover venturing through these uncharted lands.

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