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C++ NBody Fluid Simulation Experiment

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Just for fun i have written a simple C++ 2D nbody fluid simulation in 4 different programming styles - just to see the differences in speed and maintainability.

Its like my "Fluid Sandbox" program i have written in the past, but 2D and without rigidbody interaction - maybe that will come later.

It would be great if you can compile and run it and check the results for yourself.


There is a built-in benchmark recording and rendering, so you can compare all 4 demos with your own system.


It was build in visual studio 2015/17 but it may compile on other compilers as well - because it uses simple syntax and default libraries, like glut, glew and opengl.


Feedback is welcome -> see the associated feedback thread.


You can find the project source here:



Also if you just want to start it up, here is the executable:








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I commited a intense update with a full rewrite of the rendering and font system.

I implemented a command-buffer like system, so rendering is independent from the graphics api now, which is great.

Also i use STB_truetype to load and calculate fonts, so i get much better looking fonts and can finally adjust the size as well.


But it seems i got a bug in regards using glDrawElements, crashing the rendering when glTexcoordPointer is used. Therefore i just draw the elements by byself and IFDEF´ed out the glDrawElements part.

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