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First Recon - Randomly Generated - 3D - FPS

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First Recon is an attacker/defender style FPS where the defender's room is randomly generated. It is quite basic at the moment, but I plan to add more content as time goes on!

Download: http://firstrecon.net/

WSAD - Movement
Left click - Shoot
Right click - Aim
Space - Jump
G - Drop Item
E - Pick Up Item
M - Map

The Defenders (Terrorists) control a randomly generated room. The room has 2 entrances that the Attackers (Counter-Terrorists) must use them to eliminate their target. The Attackers start off in an arsenal where they can pick their weapons and grenades. The Defenders start with pistols, but have to explore their map to see if there are any short-range guns laying around.

Screen Shots:


I plan to rewrite the generation system to allow for much more complex maps. This is mostly a proof-of-concept at the moment. There will be more guns, and eventually game-modes. The first game-mode I plan to create is a bomb-defusal where the terrorists can plant the bomb anywhere inside their building.

Closing information:
You need a graphics card capable of OpenGL 3.2 and you need a 64 bit version of java. You should have a decently strong CPU 2.6 Ghz and above seems to work nicely. I've tested this on both Windows and Mac (not linux) and runs reasonably well. Windows has better performance (with the same hardware).

The game has a few crash bugs that I am working on fixing. Though, it never seems to crash for me; always other people. They'll get tracked down eventually!

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