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server side webGL rendering

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Hello there o/ ,

   As I need a viable solution for rendering assets server side for a browser game, I evaluated options. Using client side canvas fallback was unwise due to performance issues for devices with already limited processing power , when checking server side I noticed chromium headless, gecko headless or phantomjs might help but I have concerns of reliability.

   So I found out that bgfx supports webGL 1.0 and webGL 2.0 rendering ( in the name of openGL ES apparently if I'm not mistaken ) so I wondered if having a C / C++ based service for serving prerendered assets ( hoping that I'm not swimming in Dunning-Kruger ocean ) would be a good idea.

   So I'd ask if using bgfx is a good idea or would you ( / @hplus0603 ) recommend another library for a service like Imvu Next's akamai hosted renderer for images like ( just googled :) )


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