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Hi guys, I have always wanted to create a 3d game but never have enough skills in modelling to do so. So, if anyone wants to help me out with 3d art, they need to be good at rigging and creating realistic characters and objects. Even though this is not what the post is for, 2d artists are welcome as well, as our old one dropped out. The game will be called "Black Iron" and is set in the Norse world of Svartalfaheim. Despite being based in Norse mythology, it has a completely different feel, and revolves around an endless war between the dark elves and dwarves. You are in a brutal campaign to defend all you know agains the oncoming horde of beasts and corrupted elves. Your character changes per setting, from axe-wielding king Argen-Hammerstone, to berserker Ergust Brazeneye. Journey through the war-torn lands of Southerland, and reach all the way to the withering forest of Dokkalwood in Mar-Adun. The game is a branch off the 2d game Legends of an Ancient City Warfare, and will be set before Ragnarok, the cataclysmic event that caused the mentioned game. Note: The only reason you cannot chose to play as dark elves is simple: The generals do not see much action. They are lazy. But you will get to play as the black elves, the dark elves that chose to fight for the dwarves. Note 2: It will not only be dark elves you are fighting, I plan the tutorial to be set in the Dwarf-Saurian War.

Anyways, I hope I have intrigued you, and hopefully it will be pretty fun to make this game!

Note: Picture shown below is done by Lewis Phoenix Jackson.

grand duel.jpg

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Needed reference for art

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