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looking for a little advice on a course

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So guys,
wasnt 100% sure on where to post this but since its about education / courses to learn the beginner section seemed appropriate, So I have a fair understanding of game related math & can learn on my own, but have essentially got the chance at the moment to finish a degree freely with Maths added in as part of it .. so since its an option, may as well take it right (being free an all that).

Question is, which topic area would you guys find to be more useful out of the two potential pathways below:

Pathway One:
Group Theory, Linear Algebra, Analysis (sequences, continuity, limits, differentiation, integration, power series)
Number Theory, Groups, Numbers & Rings, Metric Spaces, Rings & Fields

Pathway Two:
Motion Of Particles moving under the influence of known forces, undamped oscillations, motion of particles in space, forced vibrations of particles, vector calculus
Properties of a fluid, Ordinary Differential Equations, First-Order partial differential equations, Vector field theory, kinematics of fluids, bernoullies equation, vorticity, flow of a viscous fluid, second order partial differential equations, fourier series, laplace's equation, Water waves, Boundary layers and turbulence

So a fair amount of things thrown out and both pathways pretty useful in their own ways, just looking for some thoughts, as I will likely put in the effort to study up on the other side of things either way.. just not getting an official qualification for it ;p

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