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Players states interaction on the same screen

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9 minutes ago, frob said:

As an additional addendum ... It looks like you are doing good. 

Trying to manage this type of relationship is complex, it has difficulty, and it is one of the more computer-sciency topics in game development.

Interest management is a tricky balancing act. There are many different factors that are competing, and each game makes different tradeoffs.  Exactly what to scan, what to process, what to transmit, when to scan, when to process, when to transmit, what to retain, what to prevent, ... balancing all the details make an enormous difference for online games.  

Many games make it look easy, the best games make it completely invisible to the player, but the developers either got extremely lucky or they invested enormous amounts of efforts to make the game work so well.

I think all of us with network game experience have been there and felt the pain. I don't have much more to add other than both commiseration and praise. It is hard work, and it takes effort to do well.  Find a good balance between immediate work, deferred work, and avoidable work, that's often a good starting point to help break down the problems.  Otherwise, high five or fist-bump or whatever kids are doing these days, because any progress in a networking project is good.

Thanks I have fixed the problem in my game. So far so good. I've spent days fixing it here and there before I ask the question. But I will do more testing to make it better.

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