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WW2 war game idea

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Hello this is my game war game idea. based on WW2

This war game idea is a basic shooter game. where  there's two teams of 20. Americans vs germans. You can spawn in on either team at their main outpost. The battles will last 1 hour and starts at 0600(dawn) if the battle is not completed then the battle goes into sudden death meaning the next base capture wins that battle. Then you go back to the loading screen where you can customize your player, start a new battle, join a squad and invite your friends(teamwork is heavily influenced throughout the game). You start as pvt and you rank up with xp. Xp is based of of how many kills, captures,teamwork. If you die you have to choose one of the two options (your player is dead for that battle he can not respawn) you can stay and spectate the battle or you can leave. If you choose to spectate you will earn a spectate bonus and if you choose to leave you get the xp that you earned. 




uniform type

soldier chooser-


[rifleman] m1 garand, two f1 frags, spade

[anti tank] m1 bazooka, m1 carbine,one f1 frag

[machine gunner] m1919, m1911

[submachine gunner] thompson,m911,one f1 frag


[rifleman] k98,two m24,spade

[anti tank] panzerschreck, mp40 

[machine gunner] mg42, luger 

[submachine gunner] mp40,two m24,luger


You can create a squad or join one. In the squad you can invite your friends and play together. In the squad you have a voice chat between the squad members. Where you can chat while in a battle. 


The maps will be rectangular and there will be a main outpost on each side. then there are two smaller outpost on the way to the middle outpost. The object is to get through all the outpost and kill every other player on the enemy team.

im looking for developers who will get in a chat and talk to me about this game. thank you for reading have a great day/night. 

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This might be easier to do as a mod than an original game. I doubt many posters here want to get in a chat room with you.

Have you made any games before? This seems very complicated for a first project.

One bit of advice, don't do 3D your first time. It's harder than you might think.

The basic idea seems good. It seems like arming the American riflemen with semi-automatic firearms without giving the Germans an equivalent seems like it could end up unbalancing the game. Of course, without knowing much about how the basic mechanics of the combat works, it's hard to say.

You didn't mention tank warfare, so I am confused by the anti-tank troop type.

This seems like a typical online shooter. Of course this idea works, but it also doesn't do anything particularly new, or take many risks.

Typically people will only post on design threads they consider serious, or at least interesting. First, make us believe this game might actually get made.

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I can only agree with RidName. Why would I play this game over any other typical ww2 shooter? It sound A LOT like call of duty. Such games are also highly dependant on polish to be enjoyful. You need a big experienced team (since it's both 3d and online) and a lot of money. And such games fail all the time even IF they have a big experienced team and a nice budget. There is a reason indie studios often stay away from the genre, they just end up boring if not done just right.

As you seem to be quite new to game development, mod another game or come up with a scope you can actually pull off (I assume you are alone in this project). If you are completely new, complete (not only start) at LEAST a couple of 2d games before starting one in 3d or you'll just be frustrated and not complete it.

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