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C++ Getting unicode from an ini file

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Hi, this is my first post here and i hope to get an answer :)
My question is i am reading the section names from an file Unfortunately these section name contains unicode chars so when i read them i just get ???? 
here's my code ...

TCHAR buffer[4096];
int Lsize = sizeof(buffer),length;
TCHAR *Get = buffer;
while (*Get){
length = strlen(Get);
Get += length;


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Okay guys the problem was that the ini file was UTF-8 and not unicode hhhhhhhh 
Anway i wanted to ask another question ...
Since the Get and buffer are not char and TCHAR 
So when i use MessageBox::Show(Get);
It will give me error so i have tried this :
String ^GetResult = gcnew String(Get);
This one works but i don't know how this line works String ^GetResult = gcnew String(Get);
Can you please explain it ?

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Ouch, you're using managed C++. That's one ugly beast and usually only used for interfacing :)

It's combining C++ with .NET, and therefore has a few warts to transfer data between runtimes. Any reason why you're using this?


^ is a managed reference (somewhat like a * pointer in C/C++).
gcnew is the new of C++, creating a managed reference.
String( Get) is the constructor of the .NET String class which lets you pass in a char array.

So all you do in that line is creating a new managed instance of String, initialised with your char array.

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