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[Artist/Developer] Looking For Group

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Looking for a team to work on game development.

About Me:

I currently work in Web Development, primarily PHP, JS, and SQL, with some front-end work. Previously was into Game Dev but no paid jobs, just projects such as Renegade Medieval, and some community assets in Dota2.


  • Dabbled in Unity (low to medium experience with C#, it's similar to Java which I've used more of)
  • Basic coding in GameMaker, similar to JavaScript, but didn't get much further than HeartBeast tutorials
  • Some level design in Unreal Engine (also managed to get a character rigged and in, but that was years ago)


  • 3D modelling, primarily characters, high poly sculpting to low poly retopology, unwrapping, and baking
  • 2D pixel art, and textures (not much in terms of 2D concept art though)

You can see some of the stuff I do here.


Looking for a team with an established concept and development already underway.

  • I'd like to see some examples and game engine progress before dedicating time to assets / characters.
  • Communicative team
  • Ideally a team working on just the one project
  • Flexible working hours, I won't be able to give a great deal of time

And that's it really. If you could include information in the comments below, or PMs that would be great.

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You may be interested in joining Forgotten Mines to work on War to the Core. It's a commercial project, but the team is always recruiting interns and volunteers. You will work alongside industry professionals with an amazing team, on a game that's going into public beta in a few days but the real fun is just getting started.

Check it out on the official website or FB.

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Hi there. My name is Aaron, and my team is working on a mid-sized project called Ifrit: Second Chances. It's a linear action-adventure that revolves around the story and the interactions between them. As of the writing of this post, we've got 4 members working on their parts. Our work schedule dictates that we get the basic assets done before we start development so that we can do whatever we want with the assets and build the code around it rather than the other way around. Because of this, we can't say that we have any engine progress, although we do have some assets made and others in the works. Some music, a few 3d models. Make no mistake, we are past the concept stage. We've got our design schematic and we add to it almost every day. We're focused entirely on this project right now, and have no plans to spread ourselves past it right now. Our working hours are pretty flexible, and I only ask that you devote a minimum of an hour or two a week, on your own schedule, and check in with the team regularly. Our workflow allows for a lot of freedom, and lets you use your time how you please, but keeps the progress tightly wound.


Aach06@gmail.com is the place to email me.


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Hi @MMK thanks for the link, looks pretty good so I'll be checking out that game soon. Are you involved in it?


Sorry @Ifrit Dev I'm more keen on working on projects that focus on the code and mechanics. I've made assets for projects before and not seeing any game progress was a bit soul crushing.

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Hi, my name is Shaun Williamson. Im currently working on a 3d reality sim mmorpg. I need help. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at my email truelovewithheather@gmail.com

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