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Ok so im making a game but i have run into some problems with it. Im adding an inventory system and i want it to work with steams inventory system. Also I will love to use steams servers (for the game online part) but i dont know if thats allowed, and then i dont have to worry about paying for servers every month if i do get to use them. Last but not lease is the steam work shop, I  would like to have it work with my game. I am using Unreal Engine and i dont know how to code that well so i am using blueprints to make my life a bit easier. Im not expecting you to give me the answers exactly but links and other info would be great!

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For Unreal Engine, with Blueprints, you will likely also want to read this:



Note that Steam won't host your actual game servers for you; they'll just host social features and matchmaking. You will have to code your game so that one player "hosts" the game server, and other players "connect" to that hosting player. Finding other players (who are hosting) can be done through the Steam servers.



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