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Maximum sprite size for make game

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I want make 2d game for mobile. but my frames aren't  feet to 1024 x 1024 sprite sheet size. so, is there any problem if I use bigger that 1024 x 1024 sprite size?

can anyone explanation to me about this issue?





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Some devices have a size limit on textures, but I think 2048x2048 is supported by most stuff these days. You should check your target devices to see if it's within the limits.

Larger/more textures will require more memory. If you have lots of textures, you might run into problems with your game requiring too much memory. Again, this is something you'll need to check on your target devices.

Larger/more textures will also increase download size and loading times.

Apart from that, there shouldn't be anything special about increasing the texture size.

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I read your post as:
"I want to make a 2D game for mobile. But my image frame doesn't fit the 1024p sprite sheet. So, is there any problem if I use bigger that 1024p sprite size?"

How big are your individual sprites and what spritesheet location are you trying to draw it from? Although to me it sounds like you are trying to make a spritesheet rather than load and access it in memory. You can make spritesheets of any size as long as it's not ludicrously large. For mobile, there's some limitations but you should never need spritesheets of > 1024p anyways.

Just make sure that your code defines a sprite as a certain location of the spritesheet that has height and width according to the sprite you want to use.

Finally, try to find a way to pre-compile your images to binary files. In MonoGame, I'm doing this through its built-in "Content Pipeline". But I'm not sure what you're using to make your project. 

But Idk, it's really hard to understand your english. I think you should get some english grammar out of the way before you continue on your project. Because it's just gonna sabotage you more and more, the deeper you get into your project. Also, make sure you also mention what language you're writing in and which frameworks/engines you're using. It helps us understand your problem a lot better.

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