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Seeking Partner (Maybe a Team)

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Currently I am working on a game design document for a Text Based Gangster MMORPG. This will be Web Based similar to torn.com, mafiareturns.com, mafiamatrix.com.

Basically, the players will choose between a Crime, Law, or Business role. They then progress with their characters, ranking up and trying to reach the top. Players can get together and form crews or groups as well. Players must be smart though, because death in the game is permanent and they will have to create a new character if they die.

I'm looking for someone (or a small team) to help develop the game. I will handle design, production, and even business administration. I need someone else to handle the backend and possibly front end of the coding. I envision the game being done in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, AJAX, etc. I'm open to suggestions by the coders as well.

I may also need an artist who can draw a clean UI for us.

At the moment, this is a rev-share position with contractual pay options later.

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2 hours ago, KingpinGame said:

Text Based Gangster MMORPG

Why not do this yourself?

There are engines out there that already has everything you need for this. All you would have to do is type in the text and choose what text links to any other text.

Or follow one of the hundreds of tutorials on this. They where popular back when mobiles started with internet access.


Even if you just selected a popular engine that wasn't made for this, like Unreal or Unity, it should take only a month to learn the basics of making this type of game.


You don't need a team for this unless you plan on making your own engine. This is something that a single person could achieve with just a small amount of effort.

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I agree. You should be able to create this on your own.

The MMORPG part is concerning though. Do you know how many people try to make an MMORPG as their first game? Do you know how hard it is to create a server-client networked game which can handle thousands of concurrent connected users? It's highly challenging. I would start by scaling back your scope a bit.

And this is your first and only post on this site, so that's also concerning. Are you new to game development, or new to the site?

You should also spend a ridiculous amount of time detailing out your design document. Treat it like a movie script which you write, seal in a packaged envelope, drop in a mail slot and send off to a production studio. The director follows your GDD and creates your product without having to pick up the phone and ask you a single question.

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