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Get Paid to Edit a Blitzkrieg 2 Custom Scenario

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Summary: I'd like someone to make minor modifications to a specific custom PC game scenario.  I'm not savvy enough to do it myself.  A gaming geek who happens to have a WinXP PC or VM will find it quick and easy, provided they know Blitzkrieg 2 and its editor.   Additional projects with the same editor might follow. 


Blitzkrieg 2 is a seasoned excellent PC game that is available for under $20 at various locations on Amazon (e.g., link).    Battle of Prokhorovka is a non-copyrighted custom single-player scenario that is available for free (link or alternative link).  The download is 4.1 MB.  It includes simple clear instructions for easy installation.

The Bk2 game includes a game editor.  The game works in WinXP and Win7 but the editor only works in WinXP.  When they updated the game for Win7 marketing they did not bother with the editor.

I'd like someone to use the editor to save the game under another name, incorporating some minor changes.  Then provide a similar .rar download.

MY CHANGES FORSAKE ALL HISTORIC REALITY; THAT DOES NOT MATTER TO ME.  My version enriches my German army to a ridiculous and fictitious level so I can just enjoy winning more often.  Winning will still be a severe challenge, because those Russian tanks just keep coming, along with all of that endless Russian infantry.

The tiny simple changes are these:

For each non-airplane reinforcement choice, the Germans get two more units (e.g., instead of 3 medium tanks in a reinforcement event, they get 5; instead of 3 heavy artillery with 3 trucks, 5 heavy artillery with 5 trucks; instead of 2 engineers, 4 engineers, etc.).  German infantry reinforcement events should be doubled, instead of just increased by two.

Each German heavy artillery unit—and each German "Wespe" SPG—should have maxed out (very large or unlimited) amounts of ammo capacity.  (As it is now, reloading trucks always clutter and tangle the battlefield in their efforts to keep these units supplied with artillery rounds.  In my new version the supply trucks will be much less active.)

A bridge or land bridge should be added that cuts across the river at a location closest to the Germans' reinforcement location.

The final product should be installed and tested a little, to make sure it works okay.  I have played the current Battle of Prokhorovka download for long hours with no problems.

Additional Note: A gaming geek—who is familiar with this game and can do this in a few hours—will make good money.  But long hours of climbing a learning curve are not something that I am prepared to fund.  Success with this will likely lead to additional similar projects involving the Bk2 game and editor.  (Bk3 is out but they go in undesirable weird new directions with that.)


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