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DX11 Migrating from DX9 to DX11: Assimp and fixed pipelines Problems

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Since there is no more fixed pipeline rendering in DX11, for every part of rendering in DX11, do I need to create a brand-new vertex shader and pixel shader... or at least I have to find one relevant online. If you work on skinned meshes and other effects originally worked in DX9 fixed pipeline, do I have to rework everything by now?



For assimp, if it originally was designed for DX9, like it is coupled to a DX9 device for creating meshes and materials etc. Do I have to add in the DX11 device in the assimp, or can I just leave the assimp to remain in DX9 and after the meshes are loaded, I just convert the vertex buffers and index buffers into DX11 buffers?



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For your second question, assimp viewer is effectively using DX9, but assimp itself is API agnostic, you can use it to load meshes for DX9, OpenGL, Vulkan, DX11 or whatever...

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Hi ,

Q1: You can create an object vertext shader with DX11 API and bind to the vertex shader stage when you need it.I suggest you read about shaders and how to pass data to them and do the shading and skinning . It's not easy its a hard transition but this is the new way .. and if you want to be good at graphics you have to know this .


Q2: Assimp is a library that can read a lot of data formats and give you the information like vertecies , indecies , bones , bind poses , animation data . From this you can covert them to your own format and use it efficiently.The only connection it has to api - s like DX and GL is left - handed export or right - handed export that's it.


The bottom line is read more about it it's not going to happen by just asking here. Good luck .:)


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