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Silver Horizon - A shoot'em up with leveling system

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Hi there,I'm the developer of "Silver Horizon",RNGSilvercraft.


"Silver Horizon"is a 2d shoot'em up game.

Aside from the standard shoot'em up gimmicks,this game allows you to level up your ship for later stages.

The game is inspired by the Gradius series and Touhou series. 

This game was made by using MMF2.5,with soundtrack  made  by using FL studio.

The game featuring:
*A level up system(customize your ship by getting exp points)
*Two different play style
*6 original stages with unique musics


The control and instruction of the game can be found in the "readme"file.

Download link:https://rngsilvercraft.itch.io/silver-horizon


This is the first time I develop a full-sized game,since I have only made minigames before.
The whole game,including programming,art,graphic,story,planning,even the soundtrack,is all made only by myself.
I have to admit that I'm not really good at drawing,and since I'm from Taiwan(I'm only 18 BTW),there might be some grammar mistakes or misspelling here and there in the game XD.

After approximately 80 hours of works(I supposed),this 6-stages-long game was
finally finished.There might have some minor bugs I didn't find when testing.
If you find any glitches,please let me know.

My email address:yi88613@gmail.com

BTW,I hid a pretty overpowered easter egg in the game.See if you can find it :)

Please support my game!

The trailer:

My soundcloud:


My youtube channel:









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