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Experienced Programmer LF Project (Unpaid)

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Hi there,

I am a game programmer (C#/C++) who is looking for a project to join. I am computer science engineer plus Master Degree in Game Development, currently working in one the most renown mobile games company (2 years academic experience, 1 year working experience).

I have developed several prototypes or even games almost ready to release, but I always lack of artists, so I am looking for a project already set up or few artist to begin working in something.

My preferences are:

  • Unity or Unreal Engine 4 based project (UE4 prefered)
  • PC/Console game prefered but mobile is acceptable
  • Not interested in VR
  • Serious team with almost all the roles filled or pretending to be filled
  • 3D project prefered over Sprites
  • Guaranteed 7 work hours per week, Crunch 20 work hours per week 
  • European team (if timezone is not a problem for you, so it is not for me)

I am not looking for any kind of money income from games neither the team, I want to do this as a hobby and a way to improve my skills.


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Hey there!
My name is Aaron, and I lead Mystic Studios. I think you'll find we meet your requirements for a team. We've got a solid team of 5 people, covering the bases of programming, 3D modeling, Music, Design, and Story respectively. We're working in Unreal Engine 4, the game is 3D, and the game is PC/Console. We're all in the Western Hemisphere, but timezone isn't a problem for us.

PM me, or email me Aach06@gmail.com.

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