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    • By isu diss
      How do I fill the gap between sky and terrain? Scaling the terrain or procedural terrain rendering?

    • By turanszkij
      Hi, I am having problems with all of my compute shaders in Vulkan. They are not writing to resources, even though there are no problems in the debug layer, every descriptor seem correctly bound in the graphics debugger, and the shaders definitely take time to execute. I understand that this is probably a bug in my implementation which is a bit complex, trying to emulate a DX11 style rendering API, but maybe I'm missing something trivial in my logic here? Currently I am doing these:
      Set descriptors, such as VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_STORAGE_BUFFER for a read-write structured buffer (which is non formatted buffer) Bind descriptor table / validate correctness by debug layer Dispatch on graphics/compute queue, the same one that is feeding graphics rendering commands.  Insert memory barrier with both stagemasks as VK_PIPELINE_STAGE_ALL_COMMANDS_BIT and srcAccessMask VK_ACCESS_SHADER_WRITE_BIT to dstAccessMask VK_ACCESS_SHADER_READ_BIT Also insert buffer memory barrier just for the storage buffer I wanted to write Both my application behaves like the buffers are empty, and Nsight debugger also shows empty buffers (ssems like everything initialized to 0). Also, I tried the most trivial shader, writing value of 1 to the first element of uint buffer. Am I missing something trivial here? What could be an other way to debug this further?
    • By Jiraya
      For a 2D game, does using a float2 for position increases performance in any way?
      I know that in the end the vertex shader will have to return a float4 anyway, but does using a float2 decreases the amount of data that will have to be sent from the CPU to the GPU?
    • By ucfchuck
      I am feeding in 16 bit unsigned integer data to process in a compute shader and i need to get a standard deviation.
      So I read in a series of samples and push them into float arrays
      float vals1[9], vals2[9], vals3[9], vals4[9]; int x = 0,y=0; for ( x = 0; x < 3; x++) { for (y = 0; y < 3; y++) { vals1[3 * x + y] = (float) (asuint(Input1[threadID.xy + int2(x - 1, y - 1)].x)); vals2[3 * x + y] = (float) (asuint(Input2[threadID.xy + int2(x - 1, y - 1)].x)); vals3[3 * x + y] = (float) (asuint(Input3[threadID.xy + int2(x - 1, y - 1)].x)); vals4[3 * x + y] = (float) (asuint(Input4[threadID.xy + int2(x - 1, y - 1)].x)); } } I can send these values out directly and the data is as expected

      Output1[threadID.xy] = (uint) (vals1[4] ); Output2[threadID.xy] = (uint) (vals2[4] ); Output3[threadID.xy] = (uint) (vals3[4] ); Output4[threadID.xy] = (uint) (vals4[4] ); however if i do anything to that data it is destroyed.
      If i add a
      vals1[4] = vals1[4]/2; 
      or a
      vals1[4] = vals[1]-vals[4];
      the data is gone and everything comes back 0.
      How does one go about converting a uint to a float and performing operations on it and then converting back to a rounded uint?
    • By fs1
      I have been trying to see how the ID3DInclude, and how its methods Open and Close work.
      I would like to add a custom path for the D3DCompile function to search for some of my includes.
      I have not found any working example. Could someone point me on how to implement these functions? I would like D3DCompile to look at a custom C:\Folder path for some of the include files.
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DX12 Vulkan/D3D11/D3D12 Interop

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Hi, I tried searching for this but either I failed or couldn't find anything. I know there's D11/D12 interop and there are extensions for GL/D11 (though not very efficient). I was wondering if there's any Vulkan/D11 or Vulkan/D12 interop?


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No. AFAIK there are plans to add interop in upcoming realease but not now. I don't know which APIs will be supportet. (There are also rumors VK and CL will maybe merge.)

Why do you want this? There should be no real reason in practice.


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Hi, sorry for the much delayed response. Reason I asked is we are now on D11 and for the next update, whether D12 or Vulkan would be a better choice. The primary platform is windows so we don't want that compromised, but we want to support android/iOS as well..

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