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    • By Swatchoos

      Hi Guys,
      We would like to present our new panel: Swatchoos, the most advanced swatch panel for Adobe Photoshop CC with lots of features and improvements like:
      - Group Creation and Management
      - Swatch and Group Reordering
      - Change brightness and darkness of any color
      - Sort Swatches by Luminosity or HUE
      - Fill any Shape/Text/Bitmap layer
      - Generate Swatches from bitmaps and .psd layers
      - Customisable the look of your color
      - Import .aco or bitmaps
      - Share your swatch palettes with others
      - Auto color naming
      and much much more.
      You can try it for free so go to www.swatchoos.com and test it out!
    • By Marinka Brussel
      Imagine a game where the characters are not defined by body regions, but rather, each body region consists of thousands of components, which would kind of replicate the real world where we consist of molecules, atoms - that would open up many, many new possibilities for creative gameplay. Can this be done on any scale with today's technology, or would the games simply require too powerful of a computer to even be playable? Are there any theoretical limits to this? Thanks
    • By Dijsktras
      Hi all,
      Does anyone here know if coloring book games are popular among little kids?
      If yes, I have the following questions:
      Do kids tend to color the same image over and over again? UI is supposed to be 'childish and crowded' or 'flat and peaceful'? Does 'kid songs' matter as in-game music? (In my current project, we have found that the audio is ignored by the adults) Anything you would like to add and I should consider?  
    • By Pasha Gubin
      Hey guys, wanna introduce to you my new arcade game!
      I'll be very grateful if you leave your impressions and recommendations in the reviews. Please, don't judge strictly, my first experience. Have a nice day!)
      Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ReikoApps.LeapGameSpeedEvol
    • By mathiasxx94
      I've started making some props for a chemistry lab recently, but I found out it would be smart to ask some questions here before proceeding since I'm a beginner so I don't have to redo too much. Any help I can get would be really appreciated. I've tried looking for triangle count and texture sizes for various props in current gen games, but find it hard to find specs other than for characters. I'm not making these for use in games myself, but as I get better I would be interested to start sell on markets like Unreal and Unity so I have to make sure the props fits the general performance requirements.
      Magnetic stirrer:
      Given the information given below, do you think the triangle count and texture size is acceptable
      Size: 15x25x12 cm
      1024x1024 texture size. Should I add similar/mirrored UV's that can't be seen simultaneously on top of each other to preserve UV space? Do I need extra UV maps for light map generation if I do that?
      LOD0 = 2600 tris
      LOD1 = 1400 tris
      LOD2 =   700 tris
      LOD3 =   300 tris
      Approximate tris counts!

      In the picture below of the LOD3 mesh I have a little problem. To get nice normal bakes I had to add UV seams add every sharp edge. When I then start to remove geometry to make lower LODs it sometimes happens that some of the mesh is removed from the UV map. As you can see here this leads to no white border around the orange color for this mesh. Any nice tricks here, or is this acceptable considering the distance will be pretty large?

      Analytical balance:
      Triangle count of LOD0 (wireframe) = 2000
      The part I've marked with a red circle in the second picture below is not connected to the main body of the balance since I would need a lot of extra triangles to connect it. The plane below it will obviously not be rendered and doesn't need UV space, but I wonder what the cheapest solution to "remove" this area without too much extra geometry?

      This got a bit much, sorry for that. If some of it got cleared up I would be very glad.
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Low poly Magnum .357

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