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What is the best way to organize games portfolio?

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Hello All,

Dear experienced game developers/artists/designers:

1) Can you please advise, what is the best way to organize game portfolio?

I have the idea, to store somewhere in the internet -( Project files/complete mini games with exe files),

that i will do, during my learning and "follow to" tutorials.

2) Do i need to show in my portfolio completely basic mini games? like snake? tetris? 3D models made via Maya LT?

3) Can you please provide links to the examples?

Thank you all Collegues

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There is no "best" way, really; you should organize it in a fashion that works for you. What you want is for your portfolio to demonstrate the things that show off your skills as a developer, so you will likely want to prioritize the display of projects that are more impressive on some scale or show off something you are particularly proud of.

There are no rules for what needs to go into a portfolio. You don't necessarily need "complete" games, for example, if you're a programmer. Portfolios are very subjective things, both in terms of how the author will assemble them and how any potential employers will review and judge them. It's impossible for you to know the latter, usually (and every employer will be different anyhow), so you should focus on structuring it in a way that allows you to show yourself off in the best light you think possible.

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Many employers won't install random exe's they find on the internet just to check out what you made. Screenshots, blog entries, and YouTube videos are a good way to showcase some of your stuff without them having to install something locally. 

I had plenty of professional development experience, but no games industry experience. My portfolio was a way to show employers that I was serious about game development. I asked later on and they told me that it played a major role in the hiring decision.

- Eck

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Totally agree with @jpetrie.

I'd add 2c: If I were you, I'd create a portfolio website with different categories of your creations: games, art, etc. There just post everything you've created so far. If you wish, you can sort your creations by awesomeness so that people will see the best ones first.

You don't need to be a web developer to create a portfolio website. You can use a service like to create one. Nobody will care that your website is unoriginal, your games related content is what matters.

You already have a github account, neat. You can use it to showcase your code.

I basically use 2 websites: linkedin and my personal one (need to update it btw). If I started now, I'd rather used a template website to save time.

Please note that I'm not an experienced game developer nor I have HR experience, so take my words with a grain of salt.

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